View Full Version : Slideshow: Behind the Scenes at MLB.com

04-24-2007, 02:15 AM
Here's a slideshow of a behind the scenes tour of MLB Advanced Media, the folks who produce the MLB.com gamecasts, MLB.TV, Gameday Audio, etc.


MLB.com on game day--how IT hits a home run Photos: MLB.com on game day--how IT hits a home run"

Every day from March to October is game day for MLB.com and the IT challenges stack up. Issues of scale, new products, digital asset management and juggling online access with television rights are just some of the hurdles. Bottom line: What you see on MLB.com looks easier than it is. ZDNet took of tour of MLB.com's facilities in Chelsea, N.Y., to talk technology by Larry Dignan. Here's a look at the key players and technologies behind the scenes.