View Full Version : Griffey Jr: Should he have Done More?

04-25-2007, 04:58 PM
Griffey's getting slammed basically as a topic on Rome is Burning. I'll leave my opinions out of it, and tell you what they said.

1 guest said he has coasted by on talent alone, and is not a hard worker that would ever get with the team. They compared him to ARod, saying that the two guys don't like each other and didn't get along in the past when together. He said ARod worked hard, while Griffey was the opposite.

The 2nd guest said he will be remembered for what he didn't do. Didn't set the home run record, didn't make or win a WS. Truth be known, this guy is a college football analyst. Apparentely that makes him qualified to comment on MLB issues.

Rome didn't comment too much, mostly asking for their opinions. The first guest said you can say it didn't hurt too bad, since he still is a HOF lock, but he could have been so much more. Both acknowledged injuries, but made them out to be more of an excuse. They were referring to him in Cincy overall, not this year.

Both seemed to agree that he went home to Cincy to sit out in the pasture in his hometown and collect a paycheck until he was too old, but that the fire was gone and he was happy knowing he was already set as a star for the ages.

Overall, I'll slip my opinion in a little to say that while they didn't get outright mean, they were basically throwing darts at his face for several minutes today.

Chip R
04-25-2007, 05:00 PM