View Full Version : More Radio Interviews For You

04-26-2007, 11:37 AM

As I get these baseball interviews over the spring and summer, I'll continue to alert RZ about it in case anyone is interested in them.

The two most recent that are on the front page of our website now are:

- Fieldin Culbreth, MLB umpire. Includes an ask-the-umpire segment with some of our callers;

- 91-year old former Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Preacher Roe, looking back over his career and telling a few stories. A little hard to hear him in the beginning, but audio gets better a few minutes in.

Also, for a closer look at the Va. Tech situation, I had their baseball play-by-play guy and assistant SID, Torye Hurst, on last week. That interview is there, as well.

Check them out at www.wccpfm.com

Hope you enjoy them. More to come...:beerme: