View Full Version : At the 1/5 point

05-08-2007, 07:29 AM
Well here we are at the 1/5 point and sitting at 14-18. The bullpen has caused 9 of our 18 losses. We should be at 18-14. Dunn is on the way to a new MLB high is KO's at the rate he is going. What is it now 41? That is on track for 205+ for the season. I sure wish he could cut that down as I really enjoy seeing him bop the ball a long ways.

In the end the major problem is of course the bullpen and the fact that the Brewers keep rolling on. Now I like Milwaukee and picked them to win the NL Central but they have had an easier schedule than we have so far but I still like them as an all around team.

I am real worried about this upcoming road trip: Dodgers, Padres, and Indians. All three of those teams are hot and they are good. This could be another 3-6 road trip which would be real bad. We went 4-5 on our last road trip and played three teams in the cellar (Cardinals, Pirates, and Astros). Sometimes watching the Reds makes me feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day. :rolleyes: