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05-17-2007, 12:00 PM
I'm a long time reader but never posted much, but I need some advice...

I'm in a 12 team points league, with the following point values:

Batting - 1 point each for Total Bases, RBI's, Walks, and Stolen Bases,
Half a point (.5) for Runs Scored, minus 1 point each for Strikeouts and Caught Stealing

Pitching - Win - 10 points, Loss minus 5 points
Save 5 points, Blown Save minus 2 points
Quality Start (starter pitches at least 6 innings and gives
up 3 or fewer earned runs) 2 points
Shutout 10 points
Earned Run allowed - minus 1 point each
Innings Pitched half a point (.5) for each inning pitched
Strikeouts - 1 point for each

My team looks like this:
C - Paul Lo Duca
1B - Dan Johnson
2B - Josh Barfield
3B - Miguel Cabrera
SS - Carlos Guillen
OF - Adam Dunn
OF - Lance Berkman
OF - Nick Swisher
DH - Kelly Johnson
SP - Jake Peavy
SP - John Lackey
SP - AJ Burnett
SP - Bronson Arroyo
RP - Bobby Jenks
RP - Dan Wheeler
C - Mike Piazza
OF - Delmon Young
OF - Josh Hamilton
SS - Stephen Drew
SP - Daniel Cabrera
SP - Tim Wakefield
SP - Phil Hughes
RP - Jason Isringhausen

The trade that I'm proposing to the other guy is:

Berkman, Dunn, Jenks, Lackey
Carlos Beltran, Cole Hamels, and Joe Nathan

He's not biting yet...any suggestions to improve it or that might be more palatable???

Johnny Footstool
05-17-2007, 05:31 PM
Saves aren't that valuable, so do you really need Nathan?

I'd try dealing Berkman, Dunn, and Jenks for Beltran and Hamels.

05-17-2007, 09:30 PM

I tried that proposal, but they're not really wanting to budge on Hamels, and he's the one I wanted out of that deal...however, they did counter with these two proposals:

Mike Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir, and Juan Pierre
Bobby Jenks and Delmon Young


Scott Kazmir, Jason Giambi, Melvin Mora, Jaun Pierre
Miguel Cabrera and Delmon Young

I'm not really enamored with either one...