View Full Version : Odd Reds Pitching stats for this year- Improvement to come?

05-31-2007, 05:07 PM
Found a few team pitching stats at ESPN which caught my eye

Reds ERA when the game is close and late is 2nd best in MLB at 1.80
Unsure what ESPN 's definition of C+L is but somehow the Reds have 36 games matching that description. Also curious is that I don't have the DIP ERA for that period but it must be atrocious as the DIP % and ERC % are off the charts awful from how I am interpreting the ESPN site

Also curious is the Reds DIP ERA ratio is the worst in the league. This would seem to indicate that the team's pitching is underperforming its independent ability and should point to an improvement. Countering this is that they were last for this in May and low on the list in April too so maybe no improvement is forthcoming.

Also interesting is that in April the Reds whip was 7th in MLB, in May 25th. What this all means, I don't know. It would almost indicate that for the most part the pitching should improve but that somehow the relievers may get worse in close games. Unless of course I am simply misinterpreting these numbers.