View Full Version : Top 3 Hitters From Each Reds Minor League affiliate

06-04-2007, 09:41 AM
4892Just for giggles I made a simple spreadsheet of the top 3 hitters from each of the Reds affiliates. I used the league stats (not the team stats) so there is a number of ABs minium that might be a factor of a player or two not being listed. I included one extra player for Sarasota (Stubbs) because he's such a popular topic on RZ. I also included Keppinger in Louisville because he is having an excellent year even though he didn't meet the minimum number of ABs to be on the International League batting leaders list.

There are probably 50 reasons why simple stats are not necessarily a good comparison but this wasn't intended for a serious analysis...just curiosity to see them all side by side. I hope someone else finds it interesting.