View Full Version : Seth Jarrell hits HR day after his dad dies

06-06-2007, 06:43 AM
Baseball is a lot more to me than just how did the Reds do. An article in my local newspaper today made my eyes mist up.
On May 29 Charles Steven Jarrell died of a heart attack. The next day his 12 year old son, Seth, surprised his coaches and teammates by showing up for his Little League game. Before the game there was a private prayer, then an announcement over the PA system to maek people aware of the death, followed by another prayer.
In the first inning Seth came in as a relief pitcher. In his first at bat, Seth struck out, but in his second at bat, Seth took one deep to left-center, the ball landing right where his father always sat. It was Seth's first ever home run. Seth eventually got the HR ball and was the game's winning pitcher.
Seth's mom said it was the best game he had ever pitched. One of Seth's coaches agreed, adding that Seth said he was doing this for his dad. The coach said that he had tears in his eyes after Seth hit his HR.
After the game, Seth had his teammates and coaches sign another ball, which was later placed in his dad's casket.

06-06-2007, 06:53 AM
Just read that story, online, RedsBaron, and it had the same affect on me.