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06-06-2007, 04:07 PM
If you had your druthers, what would you realistically like to see come in return in a trade for Adam Dunn. Consider both realistic trade partners (a team that would want Dunn) as well as guys they would realistically consider giving up.

My top 5 (in no particular order) would be the following:

1) Dunn to SD; Linebrink to BOS; Lester to CIN

Granted, the Reds may have to give another player to Boston to make this work, but Lester has fully recovered from Cancer and has already attained success at the ML level, and he's only a couple years older than Homer Bailey. SD's interest in Dunn is well documented, as is BOS interest in Linebrink. Lester would provide the Reds with a much needed young lefty in the rotation to go along with Harang, Arroyo, Bailey and Belisle.

2) Dunn to CHW for John Danks

The White Sox are another team that has expressed interest in Dunn, although it may be real tough to pry Danks away from them. Danks would be
valuable to the Reds for all the same reasons Lester would, although I fear he would be harder to pry away due to the Sox lack of pitching depth, but more importantly because the Sox are falling out of contention, they're not as desperate to give away a young pitcher.

3) Dunn (and Stubbs/Cueto) to TEX for Mark Texeira

This deal has several caveats to it, most notably Teixeira would have to agree to sign a deal that would keep him in Cincy for at least the next four years. I believe he is arb-eligible for the next two years and then a FA after that, and has previously expressed desire to play for his hometown Orioles. However if he could be a Red for less than $60 MM over the next four years, I would pull the trigger, as a switch hitting Teixeira entering his prime is the exact thunder the Reds need in the middle of the lineup. Votto then moves to LF. Also Dunn might be more amenable to resigning with his local Texas Rangers, and that would up his value there.

4) Dunn, Conine and Lohse to ATL for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Rafael Soriano

I highly doubt the Braves would give up Soriano, but it would be worth a shot. They need a RH-hitting 1B to platoon with Scott Thorman, and could use another SP for the stretch run. An OF of Dunn, A.Jones, and Francouer would be pretty formidable, and with Jones likely to leave after the year via FA they need to replace his power. Salty has little future with the organization because of Brian McCann. Soriano would team with Bray and the other young bullpen prospects to anchor our ailing bullpen for years to come. That said, I doubt the Braves would move him, especially with Mike Gonzalez gone for the year.

5) Dunn and Hatteberg to DET for Andrew Miller

Again, unlikely the Tigers would give Miller away, but with Bonderman, Verlander, et. al, starting pitching is their strength. Dunn would provide them with some much needed power, where Hatteberg could provide production at 1B (since Sean Casey is apparently offering none). Miller is a major league ready LHP, and to team him with Bailey for years to come would just plain be sick.

Your thoughts?

Chip R
06-06-2007, 04:08 PM