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Red Leader
06-07-2007, 11:49 AM
Please, only post picks after they've been chosen in this thread. Discussion is to take place in the other thread. Thanks, and enjoy the draft.

06-07-2007, 02:24 PM
1. TB - David Price, RHP (Vanderbilt)
2. KC - Mike Moustakas, SS/3B (California HS)
3. Cubs - Josh Vitters, 3B (California HS)

06-07-2007, 04:10 PM
15. Reds - Devon Mesoraco C Punxsutawney (Pa.) HS
34. Reds - Todd Frazier SS (Rutgers)
53. Reds - Kyle Lotzkar RHP, HS (somewhere in Canada)

06-07-2007, 04:11 PM
1. TB - Price, David, RHP (Vanderbilt)
2. KC - Moustakas, Mike SS/3B (California HS)
3. Cubs - Vitters, Josh 3B (California HS)
4. Pit- Moskos, Daniel LHP (Clemson)
5. Balt- Wieters, Matthew C (Georgia Tech)
6. Wsh- Detwiler, Ross LHP (Missouri St U)
7. Mil- LaPorta, Matthew LF (U Florida )
8. Col- Weathers, Casey RHP (Vanderbilt)
9. Ariz- Parker, Jarrod RHP (Norwell HS)
10. SF- Bumgarner, Madison LHP (South Caldwell HS)
11. Sea- Aumont, Phillippe RHP (Ecole Du Versant)
12. Fla- Dominguez, Matthew 3B (Chatsworth HS)
13. Cle- Mills, Beau 1B (Lewis & Clark St Col)
14. Atl- Heyward, Jason OF (Henry County HS)
15. Cin- Mesoraco, Devin C (Punxsutawney Area HS)
16. Tor- Ahrens, Kevin SS (Memorial HS)
17. Tex- Beavan, Blake RHP (Irving HS)
18. Stl- Kozma, Peter SS (Owasso HS)
19. Phi- Savery, Joseph LHP (Rice U)
20. LAD- Withrow, Christopher RHP (Midland Christian HS)
21. Tor- Arencibia, Jonathan C (U Tennessee)
22. SF- Alderson, Timothy RHP (Horizon HS)
23. SD- Schmidt, Nicholas LHP (U Arkansas Fayetteville)
24. Tex- Main, Michael RHP (Deland HS)
25. CWS- Poreda, Aaron LHP (U San Francisco)
26. Oak- Simmons, Donald RHP (UC Riverside)
27. Det- Porcello, Rick RHP (Seton Hall Prep)
28. Min- Revere, Ben OF (Lexington Catholic HS)
29. SF- Fairley, Wendell OF (George County- Lucedale HS)
30. NYY- Brackman, Andrew RHP (NC State)
Supplemental Rd.
31. Wsh- Smoker, Joshua LHP (Calhoun HS)
32. SF- Noonan, Nicholas SS (Francis Parker HS)
33. Atl- Gilmore, Jonathan 3B (Iowa City HS)
34. Cin- Frazier, Todd SS (Rutgers U New Brunswick)
35. Tex- Borbon, Julio CF (U Tennessee)
36. Stl- Mortensen, Clayton RHP (Gonzaga U)
37. Phi- D'Arnaud, Travis C (Lakewood HS)
38. Tor- Cecil, Brett LHP (U Maryland College Park)
39. LAD- Adkins, James LHP (U Tennessee)
40. SD- Kulbacki, Kellen LF (James Madison U)
41. Oak- Doolittle, Sean 1B (U Virginia)
42. NYM- Kunz, Edward RHP (Oregon St U)
43. SF- Williams, Jackson C (U Oklahoma)
44. Tex- Ramirez, Neil RHP (Kempsville HS)
45. Tor- Jackson, Justin SS (T C Roberson HS)
46. SD- Cumberland, Andrew SS (Pace HS)
47. NYM- Vineyard, Nathan LHP (Woodland HS)
48. CHC- Donaldson, Josh C (Auburn U)
49. Wsh- Burgess, Michael RF (Hillsborough HS)
50. Ari- Roemer, Wesley RHP (CS Fullerton)
51. SF- Culberson, Charles SS (Calhoun HS)
52. Sea- Mangini, Matthew 3B (OK State)
53. Cin- Lotzkar, Kyle RHP (South Delta SS)
54. Tex- Hunter, Raymond RHP (U Alabama Tuscaloosa)
55. Bos- Hagadone, Nicholas LHP (U Washington)
56. Tor- Magnuson, Trystan RHP (U Louisville)
57. SD- Canham, Mitchell C (Oregon State)
58. LAA- Bachanov, Jonathan RHP (University HS)
59. Oak- Brown, Corey RF (OK State)
60. Det- Hamilton, Joey RHP (Stanhope Elmore HS)
61. Ari- Easley, Edward C (Mississippi St.)
62. Bos- Dent, Ryan SS (Woodrow Wilson HS)
63. SD- Luebke, Cory LHP (Ohio State Univ.)
64. SD- Payne, Daniel CF (Georgia Tech)

06-07-2007, 04:46 PM
Folks, let's keep this thread clean for easy access to the picks. Use the other sticked thread for discussion and reactions.

I moved some posts from here to the discussion thread (before you ask why they disappeared).

06-07-2007, 06:05 PM
I'm taking a break after the Supp. round, but if anyone wants to keep updating the list, feel free

Danny Serafini
06-07-2007, 08:50 PM
Here's what the Reds did in the first 5 rounds:

15 Mesoraco, Devin Punxsutawney Area HS C R/R 6'01" 1988-06-19 HS 400K
Comments: Mesoraco has answered any questions about his arm following Tommy John surgery a year ago and is on the rise among catching prospects. He's a complete catching package, with hitting ability, power, good hands, a plus arm and outstanding leadership ability.
Enhanced Scouting Report

34 Frazier, Todd Rutgers U New Brunswick SS R/R 6'03" 215 1986-02-12 JR 400K
Comments: Frazier was drafted three years ago, but he honored his commitment to Rutgers, following in his brothers' footsteps. He's had a very productive year at the plate, showing power and run production ability even though Rutgers has hit him out of the leadoff spot. He'll change his place in the order as a pro just like he'll likely change his spot defensively, from shortstop to either third or a corner outfield position. Considering the dearth of college bats in this class, it's hard to imagine he'll last long on draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report

53 Lotzkar, Kyle South Delta SS RHP L/R 6'04" 200 1989-10-24 HS 400K
Comments: Fellow Canadian Phillippe Aumont has been getting most of the buzz, but Lotzkar deserves some as well. He's got an intriguing power package with a fastball/slider combination. How well he can harness and command his stuff, along with doing more with a third pitch, will determine whether he's a starter or reliever in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report

79 Cozart, Zachary U Mississippi SS R/R 6'01" 185 1985-08-12 JR 400K
Comments: Cozart has perhaps the best set of hands in this year's draft class and shortstops who can catch the ball are often hard to find. His lack of speed may hurt his range as the game speeds up and there is a question as to how much he'll hit at the next level. Some see him as a shortstop who can hit in the two-hole, but he also may just be a utilityman who hits ninth.
Enhanced Scouting Report

104 Carroll, Scott Missouri St U RHP R/R 6'05" 210 1984-09-24 SR 400K

109 Soto, Neftali Colegio Marista HS SS R/R 6'02" 180 1989-02-28 HS 400K
Comments: Soto has an intriguing package of tools that includes raw power and above-average speed. Currently a shortstop, he doesn't profile as a guy who'll be able to stay there, particularly range-wise. That's OK, because his offensive skill set fits better at third. He should hit enough for the position and could develop into a No. 5 or 6 hitter in a big-league lineup.
Enhanced Scouting Report

139 Stouffer, Blake Texas A&M U 1B S/R 6'00" 190 1985-10-11 JR 400K

169 Bowman, Andrew U Nebraska Lincoln LHP R/L 6'04" 190 1985-11-08 JR 400K

06-08-2007, 07:28 PM

1 15 Devin Mesoraco c Punxsutawney (Pa.) HS PA
As strong as this year's high school class was considered at the outset of the season, it got even better when high school righthanders Jarrod Parker and Nevin Griffith and Mesoraco came out of the gate showing better tools and ability than they had last summer and fall. Griffith and Mesoraco appeared in showcases, but they didn't show impact potential until this spring, and Mesoraco has been the biggest riser of them all. An arm injury led to Tommy John surgery when he was a sophomore, and he was relegated to DH duties as a junior. His arm strength has slowly returned, and this spring he has shown a 70 arm with quick, efficient releases. Defensively, Mesoraco compares favorably to 2001 Angels first-rounder Jeff Mathis, with athleticism serving as the foundation of an agile, quick-twitch player who receives and blocks exceptionally well. He shows above-average bat speed and 50-55 power at the plate. He's a solid-average runner, too, rounding out a legitimate five-tool package that probably won't make it out of the first round.
1s 34 Todd Frazier 3b Rutgers NJ
1s 53 Kyle Lotzkar rhp South Delta SS, Delta, B.C. BC
2 79 Zack Cozart ss Mississippi MS
3 104 Scott Carroll rhp Missouri State MO
3 109 Neftali Soto 3b Colegio Marista HS, Manati, P.R. PR
4 139 Blake Stouffer 3b/of Texas A&M TX
5 169 Drew Bowman lhp Nebraska NE
6 199 Evan Hildenbrandt rhp Mennonite Educational Inst., Abbotsford, B.C. BC
7 229 Brandon Waring 3b Wofford SC
8 259 Andrew O'Neill rhp Penn State PA
9 289 Alexis Oliveras of Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Guaynabo, P.R. PR
10 319 Harris Honeycutt rhp South Carolina SC
11 349 Jordan Wideman c Streetsville SS, Mississauga, Ont. ON
12 379 Scott Gaffney ss Penn State PA
13 409 Brandon Menchaca of Delaware DE
14 439 Joseph Krebs lhp Texas TX
15 469 Matthew Kinker rhp Furman SC
16 499 Charles Snowden lhp Brandon HS MS
17 529 Jesse Craig rhp Brigham Young UT
18 559 Taylor Jordan rhp Merritt Island HS FL
19 589 Raymond Jeffords rhp South Carolina SC
20 619 Jacob Kahaulelio ss Oral Roberts OK
21 649 Jeremy Horst lhp Armstrong Atlantic State (Ga.) GA
22 679 Robert Rhoden rhp Vanderbilt TN
23 709 Jason Bour c George Mason VA
24 739 Frank Meade c Rutgers NJ
25 769 Eli Rimes 1b Sonoma State CA
26 799 Curtis Partch rhp Merced College CA
27 829 Jason Roenicke rhp Cuesta College CA
28 859 Jonathan Conaster rhp Tallahassee CC FL
29 889 Steven Otterness lhp Embry-Riddle FL
30 919 Brett Bartles 3b Duke NC
31 949 Jordan Hotchkiss rhp Brevard (N.C.) College NC
32 978 Brandon Douglas ss Northern Iowa IA
33 1007 Brodie Pullen 3b Calhoun (GA) HS GA
34 1036 Jeremy Vineyard rhp Boaz HS AL
35 1065 Thad Weber rhp Nebra NE
36 1094 Leon Landry 3b Baker LA
37 1122 Scott Alexander lhp Cardinal Newman HS, Santa Rosa, Calif. CA
38 1150 Ari Ronick lhp Portland OR
39 1178 James Nelson rhp Niceville (Fla.) HS FL
40 1206 Ross Hopkins c Tyee HS WA
41 1232 Kevin Hickey of Concordia CA
42 1258 Sean Bierman lhp Kinnelon (N.J.) HS NJ
43 1283 Austin Taylor 3b Thomas County Central HS, Thomasville, GA GA
44 1310 Josh Beal rhp Independence CC KS
45 1336 Jordan Brown rhp Meridian (Miss.) CC MS

06-08-2007, 07:34 PM
Our 12th round pick, Scott Gaffney, was most likely picked as a pitcher, not a SS. He gets up to 93 mph on the mound.