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06-13-2007, 12:20 PM
... or turd polishing machine to be more accurate.

Year after year the demise of the A's is predicited yet they just continue to win. Last year after trading Mulder and Hudson and then letting Zito walk this year.

This year they have lost their best starter(Harden, one of the best), their closer(Street), a top OF(Bradley) and their best position player(Chavez) has struggled and they are a playing a sub 200 slap hitting catcher over $10M a year.

So how do they win in spite of this? Beane and his staff have an uncanny to find the right "turds" and polish 'em up and then get rid of them before their expiration date.

This year he has survived the injuries, poor play and lost players by getting great performance(Gaudin, Cust) and good performances(Kennedy, Dinardo, Embree) from other teams castoffs.

I don't have an answer for it, it is just an observation but the A's seem to do a far better job of bottom feeding on a yearly basis. According to the "small market rules" their is no way they should be able to win with a kendall type player with his contract.

A key does seem to be the A's ability to understand the expiration date on these type of players.

06-13-2007, 02:44 PM
Great observation. They also always seem to be ahead of the curve on how to analyze players for under-valued skills. Currently, they seem to be hoarding good-field, good-OBP outfielders with gusto (Deno, Snelling). The rest of the league should be taking notes IMO...

06-13-2007, 02:46 PM
When did turd become an acceptable word?

06-13-2007, 02:48 PM
When did turd become an acceptable word?

I used it a lot in grade school back in the '70s, so I'm guessing it was before that.

06-13-2007, 02:58 PM
flyer, the A's can survive misfortune partially because they do a lot of things right. Their .734 DER ranks them second in MLB (and it's an extremely high figure). They've developed hitters like Nick Swisher, Travis Buck and Dan Johnson. They've mined useful bats like Jack Cust and Chris Snelling.

And they can pitch. Dan Haren and Chad Gaudin aren't going to carry 1.58 and 2.43 ERAs all year, but the franchise has shown one heck of an eye for pitching talent.

I'm also getting the distinct impression that Bob Geren is an excellent manager.

06-13-2007, 03:23 PM
One thing that works in their favor is a their ballpark. Building a hitters park like the GABP is plain stupid.

06-13-2007, 03:27 PM
One thing that works in their favor is a their ballpark. Building a hitters park like the GABP is plain stupid.The A's ballpark plays pretty neutral. The White Sox won the WS playing in a more extreme park than GABP.