View Full Version : I expect Sarasota ST deal collapse any day

06-20-2007, 08:24 AM
Actually evey day that goes by without announcement suprises me. It was around May 5th when Sarasota put the new Spring Training stadium on hold.

They were already 10 million short and that was before Florida Legislature seemd certain to pass Property Tax reduction. Based on that near-certainty, Sarasota suspened bids on the project.

Well the Florida Legislature met last week and did pass the tax reduction, and scheduled a public vote for January on more tax reduction.

A quote in Sarasota paper from today:

"The hike will generate $2.5 million a year and was to be used to build a new baseball stadium and increase tourism advertising. With county officials saying the baseball stadium deal is apparently dead, grabbing those funds may not be controversial, but hoteliers are adamant about increasing tourism promotion."

July 1st is a deadline for Reds to officially pull out. So I expect before then we'll see announcement ending the deal or a massive cost reduction in the ST deal (like a refurb of Ed Smith rather then new stadium)

I don't expect Arizona to be a player, but I suspect that Reds are busy talking to Vero Beach (Dodgers leavng), Bonita Spring and Orlando (both tried for Indians).