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07-06-2007, 03:36 PM

06-24-2007, 03:26 PM #1
...OPSing rather stoutly.

Before today's first pitch:

Jr. OPS .932

Dunn OPS .929

Hamilton OPS .879

Whatever else this disastrous 2007 has been, its been at least fun with regard to the OF and their collective offensive game.

Oh, and WK needs to continue to ask a high price with regard to Dunn and Jr. trade inquiries. Outfielders with .900+ OPS' do not grow on trade trees...

Today, 12:56 PM #2

Bumping back up a thread no one cares about because, doggone it, I work hard not to get feelings hurt. As of July 6, the OF OPS of the big three:

Jr. OPS .971

Dunn OPS .898

Hamilton OPS .916

And, wow. Again, whatever else the disastrous 2007 has been, it's been fun to watch those three play everyday. I hope WK really does hold firm to asking for a ton for anyone who wants either Jr. or Dunn. No reason to undervalue how good they have been or how much of an impact they can make to a team making a playoff push.

And Hamilton's year continues to amaze...


I have to applaud the intelligence of this guy - especially on the bolded comment above - maybe that's why he's in the ORG, and rest of us hapless slobs have to wallow in the SunDeck.

I'd like to post a line for "Everyones Favorite Reds OF-er", who epitomizes "Scrappiness" and all that is Reds Baseball - a "mini-me" version of Peter Rose himself:

.249 .307 .355 .662
YEP - that's BA, OBP, SLG, and OPS for Ryan Freel

Let's not forget this line:
8 6
YEP - that's Stolen Bases, and Caught Stealing

I know, he can make a Spectacular Diving Catch - sometimes into other players, and almost ALWAYS because he made a bad read, took a bad first step, and was otherwise FOOLED into having to make an Unnecessary adjustment to get back to the ball, when he PROBABLY could have made that same play look ROUTINE. But hey, those don't make it on the ESPN Highlight reel - OR land you on the DL for 5/6 weeks...

I already posted about how our OF"s rank with the rest of MLB. At least SOMEONE in this place agrees with me.

We can't replace our OF-ers with the Ryan Freel's and Norris Hopper's of the world - or even a Jay Bruce - and think we are going to win any more games. AND, if we're going to try to get anyone NEAR .900 OPS on the FA market, you're talking $15M per season MINIMUM. The only guys available for cheaper are the young guys who haven't put enough time in to be eligible for FA, and their teams OWN THEIR RIGHTS for the next 2-3+ years, only getting Pay Increases through Arbitration.

We need TOP LINE Bullpen guys and Starting Pitching, and some YOUNG Power Prospects in return for any proposed Dunn/Griffey. If we don't trade for a Power OF-er in return, we'll NEVER be able to pay for an adequate replacement for the same/less money.



07-07-2007, 03:01 AM
There is no way of telling whether or not Bruce could replace any of our outfielders until he gets to Cincinnati. He may turn out to be a better player than Griffey or Dunn-only time will tell. However, I do agree that we need young power prospects in any trade that would occur.