View Full Version : Tried to do a kip up a few years back... (keep Junior Thread)

07-06-2007, 05:58 PM
and nearly killed myself. I pulled a muscle in my abdominal area and bruised my back. No doctor, but the reality is that I was out for at least 6 weeks from physical activity. I used to be able to easily manage a kip but hadn't tried it for at least a few years and was in my mid -30s. And I was never anywhere near the physical marvel of Junior.

Point is, we all get old and lose some of our ability without realizing it. The only way we realize it is by doing things we've done many times before without hesitation and then hurting ourselves. Pulled hamstrings, calf muscles, hyperextended knees, etc. are all signs of this aging phenomenon.

I believe this was Junior's problem on multiple injuries his first several seasons with the Reds. Now, he is clearly back and much more healthy the last few years because he has learned to be cautious of things he used to do with ease. Even last year he was pretty healthy and probably could have played down the stretch if the Reds were in contention.

He is just 37 and can feasibly play 6 or 7 more years if he works at it. He will likely pass 600 this year. 755 will still be the majic number, and I believe he can still make that if in Cincy with the Home Run frequency. If he breaks 755... Most people would accept Jr as the TRUE Home Run champ without question regardless of where Bonds ends up or if he is ever outed for the cheater he is.

People assume JR will be injured again. I don't. I think he was a physical freak for all of his life, and then he got older like most of us. He didn't know or accept those limitations for a while but now has. AND he doesn't use illegal drugs to recover quicker or enhance performance!!!

Junior is a bargain at his salary right now (under 10 million for a 40+ HR guy! is a steal for the Reds or any team)...

I say keep him and profit from the run at 600 this August/September... profit from the run at 700 in 2010 and start the countdown to 755 and the true Home Run king!

Don't give up on the KID who played like a kid even when was turning into an old man... the way nature intended!!!

Natty Redlocks
07-06-2007, 09:01 PM
I say screw silly home run chases and build a team that will win some freaking games for once.

07-06-2007, 09:43 PM
Raise your hand if you didn't know what a kip up is (my hand is up).


07-06-2007, 11:30 PM
Raise your hand if you didn't know what a kip up is (my hand is up).


I was just about to look this up on wiki. I had no idea what it was either