View Full Version : Looking for Two Good Men (or women)

07-09-2007, 05:16 PM
Every year, I run a very fun, very energetic, fantasy football league.

Usually, we have 10 people. This year, I am expanding it to 12.

So far, 9 of the 10 participants from last year are in, and we've added another. All 10 people in this league are either family or friends of mine.

There is a $30 entry fee (due by Sept. 1st). Draft is in late August. 1st place gets 75% of the pot and a customized trophy. 2nd place gets 25% of the pot.

Redszone is always a good place to find people who are both knowledgeable and dependable. This is truly a good time. If interested, email me and I can send you more info.