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07-15-2007, 04:17 PM
Just a couple of things I noted today during the last game of the series.

- Loshe wasn't terrible, but he was the beneficiary of some great defense via Lopez and Conine. Say what you want about Conine's bat in the 4th spot, but he made some nice plays today at 1st.

In the second inning, you could see it all unravel for Loshe. He throw two breaking pitches off the plate. Ross fires the ball back to him telling him just to throw strikes and bring the heater. Loshe throws the heater by Castro, but then comes back with a curve and speeds up Castro's bat for a GR double. BLECH! Loshe simply gets cute with RISP. He tries to overthink the situtation instead of relying on his successes, which is staying ahead with the fastball and his newly developed change up.

Same can be said for Milledge. It was obvious throughout the series that Lastings had trouble hitting the curve. Yet, what does he blast to right field a grooved fastball. This is simply bad location by Loshe and/or maybe bad pitch calling by Ross. The next time Milledge came up to the plate Loshe threw him an 0-2 fastball down the gut and he almost lifted over Hopper's head again! BLECH again!

-MacNarron is a better articulator than original Narron, but he may be actually worse at lineup construction. 5 spots in the order consisted of Lopez, Ross, Loshe, Freel and Hopper. A Cuddler's Row if you will! :eek: It shows you exactly how bad this bench is and how badly the Reds need another right handed hitter. Remember, the only hope on offense in the future is Votto and Bruce both lefties.

-I was watching the Mets feed on MLB.TV Adam Sandler was one with Keith Hernandez and he matter of factly asked him where Clyde Frazier was? Hilarious! I was actually hoping the Reds would go 1 2 3 in the 9th so I didn't have to listen to that egotistical Magnum PI again.

-Hopper continues not to hit the cutoff man on a consistent basis. I've never seen a team so fundamentally inept. Loshe's bunt attempt. Freel playing shallow in center early in the game.

- EdE has been disappointing. He continues to pop up pitches on the inner half of the plate. Eventually, he must make an adjustment.

-"Here comes Heavyweight Todd Coffey."-Mets announcer. (The jury concurs sir) Does anyone remember when he was touted as the next closer? Seems like light years ago. Imagine, if Coffey put up similar numbers to last year and had become the 8th inning stopper.

-Dunn had a blast, albeit after the DP on Phillips. Did anyone see it coming?

07-15-2007, 08:13 PM
No thoughts on the 5th inning?
Lopez singles,Ross tries to bunt,then keeps trying with 2 strikes and bunts foul.Lohse does his best Ross imitation then Freel grounds out.

Chi-Town Red
07-15-2007, 08:31 PM
loss # 55

07-15-2007, 08:46 PM
We need to find a QUALITY CATCHER
Ross is not the guy. Sure, he hits the odd dinger, but at 184 he isn't hitting much of anything.
We lead the league in home runs and losses.
We need a catcher who can hit over 220, not by the end of the season, but everyday.

"He is a good defensive catcher"
Ross continues to call for outside pitches with men in stealing position so that he can have an edge if they are running.
Consequently hitters are waiting on the outside pitch and pounding it. I watched he do this again today and the result was two doubles and 2 runs scored by the Mets.

Finally, with no one one and Lohse shaking him off he called for a couple of inside pitches. I could not take any more, I turned the TV off and mowed the yard.