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Big Klu
07-24-2007, 02:29 AM
50 years ago (1957), a 2-0 win at Crosley Field vs. the Pirates.

Bob Skinner lf
Bill Mazeroski 2b
Dick Groat ss
Frank Thomas 1b
Gene Baker 3b
Roberto Clemente rf
Bill Virdon cf
Hardy Peterson c
Bob Friend p

Johnny Temple 2b
Gus Bell cf
Frank Robinson lf
George Crowe 1b
Smoky Burgess c
Jerry Lynch rf
Don Hoak 3b
Roy McMillan ss
Joe Nuxhall p

WP: Joe Nuxhall (5-5)
LP: Bob Friend (7-13)
HR: None.

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 02:36 AM
45 years ago (1962), a 6-4 win at Crosley Field vs. the Bucs.

Bill Virdon cf
Dick Groat ss
Bob Skinner lf
Smoky Burgess c
Roberto Clemente rf
Jim Marshall 1b
Don Hoak 3b
Bill Mazeroski 2b
Earl Francis p

Eddie Kasko 3b
Don Blasingame 2b
Vada Pinson cf
Jerry Lynch lf
Frank Robinson rf
Gordy Coleman 1b
Johnny Edwards c
Leo Cardenas ss
Joey Jay p

WP: Joey Jay (14-9)
LP: Earl Francis (5-6)
Sv: Bill Henry (7)
HR: PIT - Jim Marshall (5). CIN - Wally Post (13).

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 02:45 AM
30 years ago (1977), a 3-0 loss at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Pete Rose 3b
Ken Griffey rf
Joe Morgan 2b
Dan Driessen 1b
George Foster lf
Johnny Bench c
Dave Concepcion ss
Cesar Geronimo cf
Paul Moskau p

St. Louis
Lou Brock lf
Garry Templeton ss
Tony Scott cf
Ted Simmons c
Keith Hernandez 1b
Jerry Mumphrey rf
Ken Reitz 3b
Mike Tyson 2b
Eric Rasmussen p

WP: Eric Rasmussen (7-10)
LP: Paul Moskau (1-2)
HR: None.

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 02:51 AM
25 years ago (1982), a 5-2 win at Riverfront Stadium vs. the Cubs.

Chicago Cubs
Ryne Sandberg 3b
Junior Kennedy 2b
Bill Buckner 1b
Leon Durham cf
Jay Johnstone rf
Keith Moreland lf
Jody Davis c
Larry Bowa ss
Doug Bird p

Tom Lawless 2b
Eddie Milner cf
Duane Walker lf
Dan Driessen 1b
Johnny Bench 3b
Paul Householder rf
Ron Oester ss
Alex Treviño c
Frank Pastore p

WP: Frank Pastore (5-7)
LP: Doug Bird (6-10)
Sv: Joe Price (1)
HR: CIN - Johnny Bench (7).

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 02:59 AM
20 years ago (1987), a 3-2 loss at Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Barry Larkin ss
Buddy Bell 3b
Eric Davis cf
Dave Parker rf
Tracy Jones lf
Bo Diaz c
Nick Esasky 1b
Dave Concepcion 2b
Guy Hoffman p

Reid Nichols cf
Mitch Webster rf
Tim Raines lf
Tim Wallach 3b
Hubie Brooks ss
Andres Galarraga 1b
Vance Law 2b
Mike Fitzgerald c
Neal Heaton p

WP: Neal Heaton (11-4)
LP: Guy Hoffman (7-5)
Sv: Tim Burke (9)
HR: CIN - Eric Davis (28).

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 03:07 AM
15 years ago (1992), an 8-2 loss at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Dave Martinez cf
Barry Larkin ss
Paul O'Neill rf
Bip Roberts lf
Hal Morris 1b
Bill Doran 2b
Darnell Coles 3b
Joe Oliver c
Chris Hammond p

St. Louis
Bernard Gilkey lf
Ozzie Smith ss
Ray Lankford cf
Felix Jose rf
Todd Zeile 3b
Andres Galarraga 1b
Luis Alicea 2b
Tom Pagnozzi c
Bob Tewksbury p

WP: Bob Tewksbury (10-4)
LP: Chris Hammond (5-6)
HR: CIN - Darnell Coles (3), Hal Morris (3). STL - Ray Lankford (10), Andres Galarraga (3).

Yes, that's Bip Roberts in the cleanup spot!

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 03:24 AM
Five years ago (2002), a 10-5 win at Riverfront vs. the Buccos.

Jack Wilson ss
Keith Osik c
Brian Giles lf
Aramis Ramirez 3b
Rob Mackowiak rf
Kevin Young 1b
Adam Hyzdu cf
Pokey Reese 2b
Joe Beimel p

Barry Larkin ss
Aaron Boone 3b
Adam Dunn 1b
Austin Kearns rf
Brandon Larson lf
Brady Clark cf
Todd Walker 2b
Kelly Stinnett c
Brian Moehler p

WP: Brian Moehler (1-0)
LP: Joe Beimel (1-5)
HR: PIT - Kevin Young (13), Brian Giles (28). CIN - Brandon Larson (2), Todd Walker (6), Kelly Stinnett (1), Adam Dunn (20).

I was at this game. It was a Businessmen's Special, and I got the worst sunburn of my life that day. I looked like a lobster. Before the game, they had the father-son game, and the best kid on the field that day was Juan Castro's oldest son. (I think his name was Alex.) The Pirates jumped out early with four in the first--an RBI double by Giles, and a three-run HR by Young. But the Reds came back with three in the bottom of the inning on a three-run jack by Brandon Larson. The Reds then took the lead for good in the third inning on a grand slam by Walker, followed by a solo shot by Stinnett. A good time was had by all, as I didn't feel the effects of the sunburn until a couple of hours later! :D

Johnny Footstool
07-24-2007, 10:01 AM
Once again, the 1982 lineup brings the bile to my mouth. Duane Walker in the 3-spot. Ugh.

Big Klu
07-24-2007, 12:10 PM
Once again, the 1982 lineup brings the bile to my mouth. Duane Walker in the 3-spot. Ugh.

I would have preferred Larry Biittner in LF if Cedeño was not going to start. But maybe Russ Nixon wanted to evaluate some of his younger talent (Walker).

They seriously didn't have much to work with that season. The Reds had only six players with a .700+ OPS that season, and only 10 players with a .650+ OPS! Here are the averages (AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS) for the position players that year (starters listed first, then bench players by at-bats):

.251/.318/.304/.622 - C Alex Treviño (355 AB's)
.269/.368/.421/.789 - 1B Dan Driessen (516 AB's)
.260/.303/.359/.662 - 2B Ron Oester (549 AB's)
.258/.320/.396/.716 - 3B Johnny Bench (399 AB's)
.287/.337/.371/.708 - SS Dave Concepcion (572 AB's)
.268/.338/.378/.716 - OF Eddie Milner (407 AB's)
.289/.346/.413/.759 - OF Cesar Cedeño (492 AB's)
.211/.265/.326/.591 - OF Paul Householder (417 AB's)

.218/.298/.322/.620 - OF Duane Walker (239 AB's)
.254/.274/.381/.655 - OF Mike Vail (189 AB's)
.283/.324/.358/.682 - 3B Wayne Krenchicki (187 AB's)
.310/.369/.413/.782 - OF/1B Larry Biittner (184 AB's)
.212/.253/.248/.501 - 2B Tom Lawless (165 AB's)
.182/.263/.219/.482 - C Dave Van Gorder (137 AB's)
.189/.250/.243/.493 - 3B/2B Rafael Landestoy (111 AB's)
.217/.258/.337/.595 - OF Gary Redus (83 AB's)
.255/.283/.392/.675 - 2B German Barranca (51 AB's)
.222/.364/.267/.631 - C Mike O'Berry (45 AB's)
.206/.270/.235/.505 - OF Clint Hurdle (34 AB's)

And the hitting numbers for the rotation:

.167/.213/.214/.427 - P Mario Soto (84 AB's)
.242/.238/.306/.544 - P Bruce Berenyi (62 AB's)
.172/.186/.259/.445 - P Frank Pastore (58 AB's)
.143/.163/.143/.306 - P Bob Shirley (42 AB's)
.176/.222/.235/.457 - P Tom Seaver (34 AB's)

07-24-2007, 12:44 PM
Yes, that's Bip Roberts in the cleanup spot!

Bip Roberts had a huge year in 97, at least for the Bip Roberts' of the world, it was huge.

Roy Tucker
07-24-2007, 01:10 PM
Once again, the 1982 lineup brings the bile to my mouth. Duane Walker in the 3-spot. Ugh.

Duane Walker belongs to the Roy Tucker "thought he was going to be good but wasn't" hall of fame. Other members include Kurt Stillwell and Harry Spilman.

His membership is based on one game where I saw him hit 4 line drive shots that were all caught and I thought "dang, he can really smoke that ball".

Seems that 1984 was a better season for Walker (292/.391/.528 in 195 ABs) and I thought he was on his way. But he did nothing after that.