View Full Version : Should I make this playoff push?

07-25-2007, 12:32 PM
Some backround:

Diamond Mind Keeper League - based on projections.

Proposed deal:

Yankees receive: Matt Cain, Adrian Cardenas
Reds receive: Roger Clemens, Jay Bruce

Both teams are legit WS Contenders. Obviously pluses and minuses for both teams.

This would give me(the reds) a rotation of:

Halladay, Clemens, Papelbon, Vasquez, Mussina

I get a lot older, but Cain hasn't been simming well this year for me, with a plus 5 ERA, and it doesn't look to come down too much even though his projection is much better than his performence. Gives me a better 1-2 punch in the playoffs, but big questions beyond this year as papelbon also will lose his SP projection.

I dont have as much SP depth as I used to having traded some of it to acquire other talent... but getting Bruce would also allow me to slide Ichiro to CF and dangle Andruw Jones for an arm.

Should I do it? Would welcome other's perspective. My gut says go for it, the back of my head tho is typically thinkin long term. I've been a "contender" for several years now, but have yet to make a WS appearance. Lost in 7 games last year. I'm ready to win this thing. Currently sit at 58-43, 5.5 games out in 2nd after a very slow start to the year. About 2 weeks before the AS break I was 13.5 out, and caught up to 4.5 at the break. Any comments are appreciated.

07-27-2007, 10:35 PM
I dont know, that is a very difficult thing to ponder as you being the Reds are for the 1st time on the opposite side of the Yanks, considering a probable One month rental for a big chunk of your future rotation. This trade is very risky as I think that Cain is an Ace in the making (despite his current bumps) and Cardenas has the makeup to be the same. While you are recieving Bruce who I feel is more of a sure thing than Cardenas due to the fact that he will play at GABP, and I cant imagine how that will swell his overall numbers, but this will have you wishing you had pitching by the time that Bruce is able to contribute on a regular basis.
I think twice about making this offer UNLESS you can acquire a young starter as well, you would be seriously jeopardizing your future otherwise.