View Full Version : Rumor: Octavio Dotel Could Net Top Prospect??

07-28-2007, 10:27 AM
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Toss a few more scenarios into the Octavio Dotel mix: to the Red Sox for David Murphy, or to the Mariners for Wladimir Balentien. Big difference there.

If the Mariners are offering up Wladimir Balentien.. then the Reds need to be calling and offering David Weathers.. shoot throw Kyle Lohse in there too!

Weathers who is locked up next year while Dotel becomes a free agent at seasons end. Dotel who has been some what injury prone the past few seasons where as Weathers has been pretty healthy. Wayne.. call up Bill Bavasi and get this deal done!

07-28-2007, 10:45 AM
Seriously if the Mariners are offering up Balentien for Dotel, Wayne should be on the phone right now seeing what he can do to get him.

07-28-2007, 11:14 AM
The Mariners don't need bullpen help. They've got a great pen that can be upgraded simply by not pitching Reitsma later than the 6th inning. They've got a potential leverage arm waiting in Tacoma (Mickolio) and they are about to get Lowe back.

Also Dotel is very possibly a rental for anyone who trades him since he's got a player option for '08. Now that his health is no longer a concern, given the choice of the FA market and more years or exercising a single year, its no given Dotel would exercise his option.

Really, Dotel does nothing for the Ms as a rental or a fairly expensive bullpen arm in '08 and comp picks probably don't equal Vlad who has quite a bit of value right now. The Ms could possibly flip him as part of a deal for a starter in the off season.

While Bavasi doing something incredibly dumb can't be ruled out since he dramatically overvalues *proven* players, it's most likely that, if the Ms are linked to an arm, it'll somehow be part of a deal that gets them an upgrade for the back end of their rotation rather than the back end of their pen. If Bavasi does give up significant talent for a relief pitcher, he would need to be fired for incompetence. It's most likely that if Bavasi trades Wlad, we won't be calling him an idiot because he got a reliever, it'll be because he got some tired slug of a innings eater that's both extremely expensive and extremely hittable.

I think a lot of these rumors are really supposition by talking heads who are trying to predict the future based upon matching teams according to perceived needs. Because one newspaper columnist in Seattle thinks the Ms need a setup man, doesn't mean the Ms FO agrees. Because talking heads throughout the country think the Ms need bullpen help based upon the opinion of one newspaper columnist in Seattle (his column led to leads the next day in Seattle sports columns saying "speculation has arisen that the Ms need a setup man"-if thats not bunk posing as news I don'tknow what is), really should make us wonder about any rumor....