View Full Version : Report back from Chicago: Reds vs. Cubs (a few weeks late)

10-05-2007, 05:37 PM
I haven't had much opportunity to post in a while, and I'll be leaving again for the weekend here shortly to go do my gig at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, but I did want to pass this along before I forget it all.

I went to see the Reds play the Cubs in Wrigley back on the (I think) 17th of September along with the Furball and a group of other great Reds fans.

First of all, the atmosphere in Wrigley Field was unlike any other I've ever experienced. The place was rockin' and when the Cubs won the game in the bottom of the 9th, they went berzerk. Everyone I ran into there was very polite and friendly, even though I was decked out in Reds gear. I have to say, despite all I'd ever heard about Cubs fans, I think it has to be my favorite ballpark experience ever.

Got to hang out with the team a little in the lobby of the Westin before their game on Tuesday. It was a bit bizarre seeing them all in street clothes. Some of them I didn't even recognize. Adam Dunn looks like a kid in person, I wouldn't be intimidated by him at all. Javier Valentin on the other hand looked like he could kill a man with his bare hands. Norris Hopper and Brandon Phillips were the two friendliest guys of the bunch, happy to talk about anything. EdE was also very cordial. Jim Day, didn't bother to say anything, but little Thommy Brennaman (I couldn't believe how short he was in real life) was a pleasure to talk to. David Weathers wouldn't look at anyone either, and made his way to the bus without making eye contact with any of his teammates. Then again, he may have still been thinking about the previous night's game. Oh yeah, Todd Coffey was also pleasant. I found it a bit odd that Joey Votto sat alone at the other end of the lobby away from the rest of the team and didn't really interact with them at all. Perhaps he'd been the victim of a prank, I don't know. Basically, everyone was there except for Griffey, who I was told doesn't travel with the team, he has his own car take him to and from the stadiums.

While there, I also heard an interesting tidbit from someone in the know that might lead one to think that Castellini may be looking to sell the Reds already. I don't know, but it will be interesting to keep an eye on.

Um, I could say so much more, but I'm running out of time...