View Full Version : C. Vivian Stringer following "The Rev. Al Sharpton Publicity Method"

10-27-2007, 08:38 AM
So... since she and her players were hurt for all time because of the insensitive, hurtful, and damaging (:rolleyes:) comment by the crypt-keeper Don Imus, the Rutgers women's bball coach now feels entitled to become the mouth-piece for "black women"?

She is such a publicity hound... I read she has a book coming out... What is she even DOING commenting on the Isaiah Thomas situation? Just shut-up. Stop being such a media *****.

In case anyone hasn't heard it... she is giving interviews and releasing statements about Isaiah Thomas when she hasn't got a damn thing to do with the situation. Isn't she a basketball coach? It is coming across as another pathetic attempt at recruiting on her part.

I don't care for Mike and Mike, but she deserves their "just shut up award."