View Full Version : Questions about Elias player rankings.

11-02-2007, 11:04 AM
Does anyone know the criteria for the Elias Sports Ranking for ML players?

I was just looking over the list posted on ORG, and there were some head scratchers. For example in the top 20 rated outfielders and 1st basemen there are three players in Aaron Rowand(#12), Moises Alou(#11), and Jason Bay(#13) who are ahead of Dunn(#14). I could see an argument for Rowand at #12, but looking at the other two’s offensive stats I’m not sure there criteria is accurate. Other notables for this group are Josh Willingham, Barry Bonds, and Brian Giles all rated above Jr, who is tied for 19th with Milton Bradley. One spot below him is Austin Kearns who is actually ahead of PRINCE FIELDER who is #22.

Three players rated higher than Brandon Phillips that caught my eye in the ss, 2nd basemen, and 3rd basemen group were Jeff Kent, Orlando Hudson, and Freddy Sanchez. Sanchez’s OBP was 12 points higher than Phillips and his BA was 16 points higher, however Phillips had 13 more RBI’s, had a slugging percentage 40 points higher, had 32 more stolen bases, 30 more Runs scored, and almost 50 more plate appearances.

Among Relievers: Elias had David Weathers graded out as an A level reliever at #28. No real surprise with that one, but next on the list was Mike Stanton at 55, who actually rated out as a B level player. Jared Burton was 71st, Eddie Guardado and his 7.24 era in 13ip was considered more valuable than Bill Bray who was 85th three spots below Guardado, and how either was given more credit than Jon Coutlangus who was ranked at 115th, even though he appeared in 64 games, threw 41 innings, and had an era of 4.39 is beyond me.

If I had more knowledge of other teams players I’m sure I would have spotted more questionable rankings, however a quick 5 minute analysis was all it took for me to come to the conclusion that people over at Elias are off the mark on a number of their rankings, and if I didn’t know any better I might suggest that they used name recognition and reputation over analysis to come up with some of their scores.

If you got time go check out the list and see what you think.