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11-27-2007, 10:21 PM
Im moving into my new apartment this weekend and I switched to Directv for my tv but now I need some help on who to get for my internet. First of all, does anyoen suggest Directv's satellite internet? Any help or suggestions on who I should go through or what to look for on choosing a provider. Thanks

11-27-2007, 10:56 PM
Unless you cannot get DSL or High Speed Cable, Satellite internet is not a very good option. It's price too high and the speed is too low compared to DSL or Cable.

Try going to Circuitcity.com http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Internet-services/sem/rpsm/c/1/catOid/-12989/N/20012961+20012988+20012989/link/ref/rpem/ccd/categorySpecial.do
Click on the green "inComm" button. http://www.circuitcity.com/image/Category/Special/incomm_marquee.gif
Enter your address, phone number and see the offers in your area. For San Diego, this is the best deal for me....

* RoadRunner @ 29.95 a month, 6 month Special Offer
* $150 cash back by mail when you sign up for Road Runner High Speed Internet.
* One month free of Napster service plus five free downloads

Without knowing where you live, this is the best I can do for you as far as advice.