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12-09-2007, 06:47 AM
Well, ok, I am starting a separate thread for this, as I have mentioned this very item in several different threads and also in several different PM's to several different boarders on here. I hope I have not bored anybody with questions regarding this but I have had several different people assist me with this on how to meet the players or what is the best way to get to a certain player and I am forever grateful.

This is regarding the Faces of Riverfront poster that was a Stadium Giveaway during the Cincinnati Reds last season as Riverfront Stadium. It celebrated 68 of the Cincinnati Reds that had the best years while they were a Red during the time at Riverfront Stadium (therefore someone like Frank Robinson is not included because to the best of my knowledge he wasn't ever a Red during the Riverfront Stadium era). And there were some other guidelines as well, such as you had to fill out a certain waiver or something to appear on here and have it filled out and signed by a certain date for you to appear on it. And from rumors that I have heard (and note the word rumor here as I have no documentation to back this up so it may be false, but I have heard it several times) Tom Seaver is not on this poster due to the fact that he turned in his paperwork for it a day late. Again, that may be false but again it may be totally true. Now getting down to the nitty gritty here.

Out of the 68 players/managers/announcers/trainers and such that appear on the poster, I have all of their autographs save for now 27 of them. And surprisingly just about each of them have an individual story behind each. And hopefully to keep this thread alive, I may come back in here and post a new story on how I attained the autograph every so often if anybody is interested, because some of the stories are funny and some are just quite nice....anyways, I am going to list the 27 I still need below and if anybody has even a tad bit of info regarding them or where they may be coaching, or playing or what card show they will be at or just general 'public' info that they may share, even the tiniest, I will greatly appreciate it. This is just about the only item that I really care about getting autograph any longer and it is like a baby to me. I hope that doesn't sound scary or anything but you collectors out there know what I mean, huh? Anyways, here is the list. I have also made little notes next to the guys for ones I somewhat know what they do or have heard something, so if you have anything to add to that, please either reply to this thread, or if you would just like to keep it more private, either email me at crazybob60@hotmail.com or Private Message me. It is greatly appreciated!

They are:

1. Danny Jackson -- Heard he has a bowling alley in Overland Park , Kansas. (???)
2. Bob Boone -- Has a front office job for the Washington Nationals (Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Player Development).
3. Bret Boone
4. Pedro Borbon
5. Clay Carroll
6. Norm Charlton -- Bullpen coach for the Seattle Mariners.
7. Kal Daniels -- Heard he helps out as an instructor at the Mark Johnson Baseball Academy in Warner Robins, Georgia, owned by catcher Mark Johnson. (???)
8. Rawly Eastwick
9. Ken Griffey, Jr. -- Plays for the Cincinnati Reds
10. Davey Johnson -- Special consultant to Washington Nationals general manager; Possible bench coach of 2008 Team USA (????)
11. Ray Knight -- Pre-and post-game analyst for MASN and I believe a baseball analyst sometimes for ESPN (????)
12. Barry Larkin -- Heard he might be assisting with the Olympic team. Working with the front office of the Washington Nationals. Being inducted into Reds Hall of Fame and may be available during that ceremony. Also does anybody have any info for that, because I read on cincinnati.com that they are expecting to do some kind of special show at the duke energy center to celebrate this years classe and also to celebrate like 50 years or however long it has been and will have many, many former reds there that are in the Reds Hall of Fame, and if so, that may be a prime opportunity for many of these players to be there!!! (??????????)
13. Will McEnaney
14. Fred Norman
15. Paul O'Neill -- Broadcaster for YES network.
16. Frank Pastore -- Is a Christian radio network broadcaster in California. His website, I believe is listed here: http://www.kkla.com/localhosts/4/
17. Lou Piniella -- Chicago Cubs Manager.
18. Gary Redus -- Is he in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization somewhere??? Can someone help me out there??????
19. Ron Robinson
20. John Smiley
21. Eddie Taubensee
22. Scott Williamson -- Last I heard he was a Relief Pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles??? Can someone assist here as well?
23. Dmitri Young -- Plays for the Washington Nationals
24. Nick Esasky
25. John Franco
26. Kevin Mitchell
27. Cesar Cedeno -- fielding and hitting coach in the Dominican and Venezuelan winter leagues. (???????)

And again, if anyone can assist me in locating these players in a way I can obtain an autograph, ya know at a show they are attending, etc. I will add you to the list of being forever grateful. And heck, if I do end up with their autograph as a direct result of your tip(s), I may end up owing you a steak dinner next time you visit the Greater Cincinnati area....hmmm....sounds yummy huh?

Also, for those who have never seen the poster or have no clue as to what I am referring to, I will try to attach the poster below or something, and also, here is a list of the players I already have their signature, and again, in the future just to keep this fresh, I may add a story or two on the adventure of seeking an honest autograph without being too much a hound, ya know? Here are the guys I already have:

1. Sparky Anderson 22. Tom Hume
2. Doug Bair 23. Lee May
3. Johnny Bench 24. Jack McKeon
4. Todd Benzinger 25. Joe Morgan
5. Jack Billingham 26. Hal Morris
6. Aaron Boone 27. Joe Nuxhall
7. Tom Browning 28. Ron Oester
8. Sean Casey 29. Joe Oliver
9. Dave Collins 30. Dave Parker
10. Eric Davis 31. Tony Perez
11. Rob Dibble 32. Ted Power
12. Adam Dunn 33. Jeff Reed
13. Pete Rose 34. Chris Sabo
14. Marty Brennaman 35. Mario Soto
15. Davey Concepcion 36. Bernie Stowe
16. Cesar Geronimo 37. Scott Sullivan
17. Danny Graves 38. Dave Burba
18. Ken Griffey, Sr. 39. Jeff Brantley
19. Don Gullett 40. Jose Rijo
20. Billy Hatcher 41. George Foster
21. Tommy Helms

Any and all help, even if it is a small simple add to what I have listed above, is going to make my day, maybe even my week. I am very, very, very easily pleased!!! Again, either PM me or email me as crazybob60@hotmail.com if you need to contact me and don't want to or don't feel like putting it here.

I will try to attach a Faces of Riverfront poster, mind you, it is not the same one as I have, well it is the same one, it just has no autographs on it.

Also I would love to hear and possibly even see a scan of anybody else that is attempting this as well and how far along you all have gotten. I know that I have missed some card shows around here recently that some of the players I need have attended and they don't do card shows that often (the players themselves that were signing) at least from what I can tell. It was the Moeller Card show they do about 3 or so times a year. I know within the past 2 years I believe Clay Carroll, Will McEnaney, and Rawley Eastwick have all attended that and I had plans to go but got sick each time!!!!!

Anyways, please help me out!

Below is the poster...


12-09-2007, 10:57 PM
Will McEnaney is from Springfield, OH but not sure if he still lives there. Check the white pages.

Bip Roberts
12-09-2007, 10:59 PM
I have one of those posters somewhere

12-10-2007, 12:22 AM

Check you inbox...

12-10-2007, 12:24 AM
Does anybody have one of these posters for sale?