View Full Version : Mets sign Matt Wise

12-18-2007, 11:49 PM
The Mets have signed free-agent RHP Matt Wise to a one-year contract.

Wise, 32, was 3-2 with one save and a 4.19 ERA in a career-high 56 games last year for the Brewers.

Mets GM Omar Minaya, on Wise…

“Matt has had success in a variety of roles. He adds a versatile arm to the bullpen.”

Since 2005, Wise has posted a 3.27 ERA against the NL East.

…if i recall correctly, he was on course for a dominant season, but fell apart in late July after hitting a batter in the head…after that, it’s like his wheels came off and he could not find the strike zone to save his life…hopefully this has worked itself out…

He had a 2.19 ERA in June.

He then hit Pedro Lopez in the head, had a 4.22 ERA in July, had a 7.71 ERA in August and had a 10.38 ERA in September.

What do you all think? Was this a Wise decision by the Mets? (ducks for cover):D

Bip Roberts
12-19-2007, 12:21 AM
Yea think its a good signing, the guy is pretty solid i was really surprised he was even released.

12-19-2007, 08:20 AM
I am amazed we did not get in on him, if memory serves me correctly, he was mentioned as the center piece of a trade for Adam Dunn last year - may have just been a rumor but it was out there! Now he is available for the taking and we don't go after him? Curious!

12-19-2007, 08:26 AM
Seriously, I'm not disappointed that we didn't get Wise. After he hit Lopez last year, it was clear that it got in his head and he was completely ineffective afterward. I watched a couple of games he pitched in later in the season and he was clearly still messed up - very tentative on the mound, not aggressive after hitters, etc.
I honestly felt sorry for the guy. Hopefully he can bounce back, but this is anything but a safe bet by the Mets investing in him.