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12-26-2007, 02:12 PM

Well worth the read, a few Reds pop up. Surprised Cole Hamel's triple play (Dave Ross) wasn't in it, but Phil Dumatrait's bad start was. Also Brandon Phillips stealing two bases at once was in it.

Not a bad read


12-26-2007, 09:58 PM
That's a great read for any baseball fans. These were my favorites. :)

• Comeback of the Year Dept.: A man who had gotten just 50 at-bats in the previous four seasons (Josh Hamilton) outhomered the entire Yankees outfield in April, 6-3. (Go Josh! LOL)

• Sum of All Fears Dept.: And for the 10th straight year since the release of "Good Will Hunting," the Red Sox lost on Ben Affleck's birthday (Aug. 15).

• Small Ball Dept.: Are home runs overrated? The Angels went three full weeks without a home run, from July 1-22. And in the middle of that, guess who won the Home Run Derby at the All Star Game? An Angel, of course (Vladimir Guerrero).

• Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Dept.: Melvin Mora managed to get ejected during a rain delay of a June 28 Yankees-Orioles game. So what got him booted? He was arguing that the umpires should have started the delay while the Orioles were leading, instead of waiting until the Yankees took the lead. Another great moment in Bird Land. (And that game was a ridiculous display of umpiring overall. They called a rain delay earlier in the game and then later on, when it was raining MUCH harder than it was during the delay, they kept the game going until the Yankees took the lead and THEN called another rain delay. I don't blame Mora for getting ejected because I was yelling at the umpires from my house. That should go on the umpires not on Mora. They really screwed up that game!)