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01-06-2008, 04:00 PM

Chris Hughes of the Georgetown News-Graphic has a story today, detailing proposed plans for a new UC basketball arena, and a renovated Nippert Stadium. The arena would seat 16,001, and the football stadium would have 40,001 seats. The football stadium would also get 29 luxury suites. All this would come at a cost of 240 million dollars.

Lance from 1360 has some photos on his blog.

01-06-2008, 09:02 PM
Neat graphics. UC would need to pay off Varsity Villiage before attempting something like this. I would have liked to see the capacity for Nippert in the 45,000 range as well. There's still the option to use Paul Brown Stadium for schools like Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. The first two schools will play there in the coming years.

The Shoemaker Center has enough floor space for 7 full size basketball courts. I think the floor space could satisfy the requirements for an indoor practice facility for football and other sports. The 'Shoe was built as a multi-purpose facility and there was a real need for court space when it was built. The university no longer has that need since Lidner Hall has a practice gym in it, especially if the new area is built. There could be no more complaints about substandard facilities under this plan, that's for sure.

Daniels, Dabney and Sander are all outdated and substandard. I doubt anyone would miss them. I spent a year in Daniels and is severely outclassed by Tuner and Schneider Halls (opened in 2002). The university would have to build new student housing for 1,500 - 2,000 under this plan. I'm not sure if there's any land left to do it. There is some space where Sawyer was torn down recently. The only other realistic space left is the parking lot next to the Marge Schott Stadium unless land is bought on the other side of Jefferson. And who knows what's going to happen with the Calhoun Street project.