View Full Version : Joba Chamberlain Reliever or Starter?

02-12-2008, 02:47 PM
I was tempted to start this poll based on the "Yanks to start Joba in the pen to limit innings" thread in the ORG. Based on his performance last year, he's obviously got the stuff to be a dominating reliever. His minor league stats also lead me to believe that he could be a #1 pitcher if given the chance.

The fact is, he's got two above average MLB pitches. Other than that, he's throwing up stuff that any MLB player can hit. I find that he is better suited for the bullpen, atleast until he develops that nasty third pitch. The Yankees need a replacment for the future hall of famer Mariano Rivera. Until he retires, they also need a good setup man.

The Yankees rotation is in bad shape. Other than Wang, there are no consistant pitchers in that rotation. With Hughes and Kennedy both getting time in the rotation last year, atleast it is getting younger. Personally, I don't think the Yankees would benefit from putting Joba in the rotation. He's got the stuff to be one of the best relievers/closers in baseball for a long time ahead. If they put him as a starter, I just don't see him having the same dominance.

The Yankees did say that he would start the year in the bullpen. I say, if he dominates like he did last year, keep him there. Let the rotation develop, and groom Joba to be the next Yankee closer.

02-12-2008, 02:57 PM
Since he has been successful in the minors as a starter I say let him start there, but if he falters he would be a dominate bullpen guy. He may only have two dominate pitches but people say the same of Homer Bailey as well. I expect both of them to develop at least an MLB average third pitch.