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02-20-2008, 05:34 PM
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Baylor Blogger Bogs Down Blogging

This blog has been up and running for over two years now. So, I guess I'm officially a "blogger." That puts me in a category with approximately 197,979,867,927,943 other people in this world. And that number grows daily.

But for the first time since I started this thing, I can honestly say I'm embarrassed to be categorized in the same breath as the most recent blogger whose blog I just happened to stumble upon.

The "blogs are reserved for intelligent people with meaningful things to say" ship sailed a long, long time ago. I understand that. I don't expect much from my fellow bloggers. And I doubt they expect much from me. As a matter of fact, people are so busy blogging, that I doubt they take the time to read any blogs other than their own. If a blog gets posted on the internet with no one reading, does it still make a sound?

Anyway, blogging officially jumped the shark for me today. Sports blogs, in particular, are prone to ridiculous prose, questionable grammar, and rambling thoughts. However, this one takes the cake.

I attended the Oklahoma-Baylor basketball game last night. It was a night I will never forget. It was a truly miraculous finish that left me pumping my fists, jumping in the air, and embarrassing my wife all the way through the parking lot on the way to the car. It was awesome. For those who missed it, here are two links to the ending plays of the game.



No doubt, this must have been a horrible night to be a Baylor fan. Actually, I would say that rings true 365/24/7, but that night even more so than usual.

But here comes a blogger minus a brain. Or maybe he just doesn't have eyes. His "summary" of the game leaves my jaw on the floor almost as much as the game itself. I am posting a link to the entire "article," but I will save you some trouble and highlight the lowlights.


Early on, he starts with this gem:

Leave no doubt – the Bears were robbed of a road win in this one. Ater battling back from awful calls by the officials, unsportsmanlike play by OU and a 10-point halftime deficit, the Bears were ultimately robbed by the trio of men in stripes when it mattered most – in overtime with Baylor up big.

After reading that intro, I began rolling my eyes, but they almost fell out of my head with this doozy:

Albeit cheating, the Sooners came out on top in a one-point heartbreaking, irritating, nerve racking, throw everything-but-the-dog-at-the-TV evening.

I love this casual, "albeit cheating" comment. He later goes on to explain his "cheating" conclusion, and I will address that later as well, but for now, let's focus on the above sentence. I just really hope he doesn't have a cat. Or a hammer. Or a wife.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma Head Coach Jeff Capel applauds unsportsmanlike play – and it shows with his players attitudes on the court. First, there was the off-the-backboard slam dunk on a breakaway steal.

Yes, I heard that at his summer camps, Jeff Capel gives standing ovations to any camper who kicks another camper in the groin. I mean, a slam dunk coming off the backboard! Blasphemy! Perhaps from now on, any player doing such a thing should be automatically ejected. As a matter of fact, let's just outlaw dunking altogether-- I mean, is it ever REALLY necessary? And if a player smiles or makes a face after a dunk? I say ban him for life.

Then, there was the “skirmish” where OU’s star forward put Mark Shepherd in a full-nelson choke hold before Shepherd reacted by throwing an elbow in the direction of Blake Griffin – only to result in two BU players being ejected and just one Sooner, an assistant coach, being tossed from the game.

Interesting definition of a "full-nelson choke hold." I sure hope this guy doesn't cover the wrestling beat on his blog. Yes, there was a skirmish for the ball, and yes, Griffin did wind up tangled and twisted with Shepherd. But if you actually watch the replay, you will see that Griffin didn't have a "hold" of anything. I always thought in order to choke, there needed to be some sort of constriction in the neck region-- Griffin wasn't anywhere close. Shepherd apparantly didn't enjoy the entanglement and decided to respond by tossing an elbow towards Griffin's face. The refs did due dilligence in consulting the video replay before rendering a decision. After watching the tape, it was pretty clear that Shepherd was the one initiating the unsportsmanlike action.

And last but not least, there was Capel – urging his home crowd to stand and continue applauding after an opposing player’s miss at the free throw line with one more still to come, something I had never seen happen in NCAA basketball until tonight in Norman.

Interesting that he chose to blog, seeing this was clearly the first basketball game he has ever watched. Sounds like this might actually be the only sporting event he's ever witnessed as well. Yes, with one second on the clock, and Curtis Jerrells one free throw away from sending the game to double-overtime, coach Capel urged the already rowdy crowd to keep it going. He raised his hands in the air....like coaches do.....all.....the.....time. I must say, I agree that this was crossing the line somewhat. I thought it would have been more appropriate had Capel gotten on the microphone and asked the crowd to settle down. After all, it was VERY loud, and that could mess with someone's concentration. And we all know that there should NEVER be homecourt advantage at a sporting event. Thinking about it, maybe Capel should have appealled to the refs to let Jerrells keep shooting until he made one. That way, no one would be sad.

Unsportsmanlike is the perfect word to describe why and how OU defeated BU, but unfortunately all that really matters is a team’s record.

Actually, the word I would use is "awesome." But yes, I do agree that in the end, records are what really matters. And let the record state that OU has now passed Baylor in the standings and has won an astonishing 28 games in a row over the Bears.

Now, THAT is unsportsmanlike.