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03-15-2008, 11:50 PM
5x5 Roto with traditional stats - AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB x ERA, WHIP, W, Ks, SVs

Everyone got six keepers - mine were Wright, Dunn, Haren, Kazmir, King Felix, AJ Burnett

I was dead last last year and my team was awful, so devoid of any real bats I used four of my six keepers for pitchers, something I would normally never do.

Here's the final result. I was pretty happy, but then again I was happy last year and got toasted.

C-Yadier Molina STL
1B-Todd Helton COL
3B-David Wright NYM
CI-Chipper Jones ATL
2B-Brian Roberts BAL
SS-Khalil Greene SD
MI-Freddy Sanchez PIT
OF-Adam Dunn CIN
OF-Chris Young AZ
OF-Jason Bay PIT
OF-Pat Burrell PHI
OF-Jeremy Hermida FLA
DH-Billy Butler KC
P-Scott Kazmir TB
P-Felix Hernandez SEA
P-Dan Haren AZ
P-AJ Burnett TOR
P-Chad Cordero WAS
P-Dustin McGowan TOR
P-Troy Percival TB
P-Gil Meche KC
B-Matt Garza TB
B-Lastings Milledge WAS
B-Jay Bruce CIN

Critiques and inputs are welcome and appreciated

03-15-2008, 11:55 PM
how many teams and rounds you drafted each in would be beneficial :)

03-15-2008, 11:58 PM
how many teams and rounds you drafted each in would be beneficial :)

Good call - 10 teams - 19 rounds.

It's in a league full of Tigers fans, so I joke that many guys have a BTA policy - take the Best Tiger Available. But it's really competitive and in the three years the final standings have flipped each time.

03-16-2008, 02:26 AM
I see this team near the bottom half. I don't see how you can win with that hitting. This team is going to be last in AVG, and maybe SB. The HR's might be okay, but your only going to middle ranked in R/RBI at best. The Pitching is decent, but it's so random every year that it's hard to count on it. Kazmir's hurt, Burnett has an injury history. Ryan's a big risk and if he's out, your last in Saves. McGowan could be fine, but he has control problems and is a HUGE injury risk. Percival's old and could just drop off totally. The staff might all be fine, but the inherent risk in pitching just makes the team weak. The hitting pretty much sucks and your counting on a LOT to happen just for it to be average. Molina/Bay/Dunn/Greene/Young/Burrell could ALL reasonably hit .250 next year, and your counting on Chipper to stay healthy. I'd drop Bruce and look for something else. Maybe a RP who could be closer, or another MI. Keep Millidge. I'd normally say to trade from stength, but I don't see any area that's strong enough to deal from. So that just leaves dealing your weakness, which is AVG. Trade 2-3 from those bad AVG hitters I mentioned to get address the AVG and SB problem.