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03-26-2008, 02:47 PM
Today on the mike tirico show they were preveiwing the central and Law said it was a two team race between the Cubs and Brewers with the Reds as the only other team with a shot at it, predicted the pirates, cards and stros to be lucky if they have .500 records. Kirk Herbstreit is a reds fan and asked him what he thought it would take for the Reds to win it and here are a few things:

-said they would have to have major contributions from the three young arms in Cueto, Volquez and Bailey

-didn't speak much on Volquez, but did go on to say that cueto was a small righty with great stuff and had a real good chance to be a good SP this year, said he's a lot more *polished* than bailey right now. Also said he was very underrated as a prospect probably due to his height.

-then he talked bit about Bailey starting with "i'm not giving up on him" said he had big league #1 stuff but has zero command of his fastball and when you draft a guy with "stuff" sometimes you have to wait for the command to come. Went on to say Bailey has an above average curveball and can get hitters out wtih hit, but if he has no command of his fastball big league hitters will adjust quickly and take his curve and sit on it.

-also said in defense of hte reds, bailey hasn't progressed much in the last year and a half with his command as evidenced by him not making the club even though he had a job available to him.

Pretty good segment overall...

03-26-2008, 03:49 PM
Nothing about how the Reds #1 starter is nothing special...just an "innings eater?" ;)

Johnny Cueto
03-26-2008, 07:03 PM
#1 Aaron Harang
#2 Johnny Cueto
#3 Edison Volquez
#4 Bronson Arroyo
#5 Homer Bailey

We could have one of the best rotations in 09. Reds will be a legit WS contender in 09!