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Rounding Third
03-30-2008, 11:11 PM
Stuff, I guess, only I care about, but uniform numbers. Johnny Cueto wore 77 in the spring, he's wearing 47 now. Mike Lincoln is 57 and Edinson Volquez is 36.

Mario Soto has come north with the team and was with Johnny Cueto during much of the workout.

It is good to hear that Soto is coming north. I wonder how long he will stay up? He has done so much to help our young righthanders.

Another thing, there's a white sheet over the spot in center where the team put the Vern Ruhle memorial last year. I expect a change to that, with something for Joe -- I'm guessing. We'll see.

He is probably exactly correct, I wonder what it will be? A number? A picture? My guess is he will have the Nuxy emblem that the players wore and they are giving out friday.