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04-04-2008, 09:00 AM
Reds Record

Johnny Cueto became the first Reds pitcher to strike out 10 in his debut. On top of that, he walked none.

Bill James wrote about game significance in one of his Abstracts in regards to Roger Clemens. Sometimes a pitcher does something so extreme in a game that it becomes a sign of their potential greatness. For Roger, it was striking out 15 in a game while walking none. Bill noted the combination of high strikeouts and zero walks is very unusual. Roger would go on to twice strike out 20 in game without issuing a walk.

Cuteo's performance isn't as extreme, but he only went seven innings. This game should be taken as an extremely positive sign of Johnny's future.

More and more evidence on why strikes are so important :thumbup:.

Hopefully Homer sees some of this, we already saw some improvement when he had 1 walk in 7 innings yesterday.