View Full Version : 2009 Top 10 Prospects

04-06-2008, 11:25 PM
I know its only April 2008, its no better time than now to come up with the Top 10 for '09.

Here is mine:
1. Todd Frazier, SS/3B
2. Drew Stubbs, OF
3. Juan Duran, OF
4. Devin Mesoraco, C
5. Juan Francisco, 3B
6. Kyle Lotzkar, RHP
7. Brandon Waring, OF
8. Travis Wood, LHP
9. Neftali Soto, SS

Ill leave it at that because I believe the #7 pick in the '08 draft will be in there. But since Im not sure who it will be then ill leave it at that. Im hoping whoever it is they atleast slide into the top 5 atleast and push the rest down. But if I was to pick one more to fill out the top 10 it would be Josh Roenicke if he still qualifies and if not then Pedro Viola. I also see only the #7th pick in this years draft being in the top 10 and not the 3rd round pick but if you feel differently then just add that into your Top 10 Prediction.