View Full Version : No Miguel Tejada thread?

04-18-2008, 01:51 AM
That was the best interview (by E-60 of ESPN) that I've seen in years.

ESPN caught Miguel Tejada in a huge lie about his age in the middle of an interview. At the beginning of the interview actually. He's been advertising he was 2 years younger than he is since he signed a contract at the age of 21 (said he was 19). Tejada actually turns 34 next month in May, so instead of the Astros making that trade with Baltimore for a 31-year old who is only slightly on the downside of his prime years, they've gotten a player who's past his prime and is at the point where at anytime a major injury can occur with players that are 34 and 35 (next year, the last year of his contract). Then there's of course the normal decline that takes place when a player hits their mid-30's. His SLG% has dropped 3 straight years from 2005-2007, while he missed 29 games last year, the first time he'd missed any games after not missing any of them the previous 6 years.

The Astros got screwed and they should be pissed. It's great that Tejada is hitting the ball well this month, but the Astros probably traded for him in hopes that they'd have him beyond the end of his contract next year. Now, they may not even want him as he turns 36 in May of 2010.

If you haven't seen the "brief" interview, check it out on ESPN. Excellent reporting!