View Full Version : Where along the way did patience stop being a virtue?

04-24-2008, 01:09 AM
When the Chita emperor reigned Buddha-like, inapproachable, immutable and unchanging,
over the Reds, speaking solely, through his accounting sycophant, I thought him extreme, and prayed for

Like a host of others, I saw Bob Castelinni as a
heaven sent answer.

Sadly, he has shown himself also extreme as well, although 180 degrees opposite his reactionary predecessor.

He is knee-jerk, shoot-from-the-hip, instead.

Bowden and Tony Perez?
This treatment of Krivsky is far worse, imo.

And Castellini had the gall to stand in front of a national
press conference, and suggest his action was based on being tired of losing.

I think that statement was a blatant lie!

Oc, he is tired of losing, that's true.
But what does his
being tired of losing have to do with firing WK, when
the guy he replaced him with announced during his
first ballgame as gm, his intention to maintain the status quo????????
WJ indicated he has NO immediate plans for change.
If no change is required to bring about a non-losing record, then why fire WK now?

BC fired WK now, because he wanted his bud WJ and used the poor start as his excuse, fearing fan reaction
should he let him go at season's end, after the Reds
turn things around and compete, as many believe
they will, when the hitting gets it together.

He lied, imo, and callously let go the Red's best hope
for effective long term leadership.

Whenever in the future I am of a mind to insist on
change, perhaps someone will remind me that the
trip from the frying pan to the fire satisfies its definition.