View Full Version : Reds pitching/hitting stats update

04-24-2008, 09:55 AM
According to mlb.com the Reds pitching e.r.a. is 18th in all of baseball.

They lead mlb in K's (pitching). They have given up the 10th least amount of walks.

They are 18th in batting average in all of mlb (9th in the NL). 7th in HR's, but amazingly have the least rbi out of the top 14 home run leading teams. Not surprising. Living off the long ball. 22nd in rbi's (12th in the NL). 17th in OBP. 10th in slugging. 9th in taking walks (negates the free swinger theory) (5th in the NL). And surprisingly, have struckout the 4th least amount in all of mlb (are 1st in the NL). 11th in total bases (6th in the NL).

Alot of those hitting stats don't typically go together. Weird. Actually makes me think they are going to start hitting better.