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05-07-2008, 04:04 PM
Volquez is a stud and getting better. A slight improvement in control and the guy will be pitching into the 8th and 9th inning. I'm talking maybe 1-2 fewer balls per inning and he'll be in complete game territory - or in today's parlance finishing the 8th and handing the game to Cordero.

7th inning, EV's velocity down a couple mph. Missing bats also the plate.
3-2 counts, first pitch balls. That is where EV can still improve his game dramatically. Make it a couple fewer 3-2 counts and 3 walks instead of 6 and he is finishing off 8 innings. I'll take the 7 he's giving us though. 4 hits, 10ks, 6 walks 0 runs. Very good game by Volquez. 118 pitches by EV. I hope Dusty realizes that's getting in dangerous territory.

Volquez pitching score a ton of runs. Harang pitching don't score at all. Baseball is odd isn't it? You'd think it would even out but every year one guy gets no support and another gets tons of it. Just about on every team around, too. It's goten predictable. Harang pitching? Count on losing 2-0 or 2-1. Volquez pitching? Count on winning 10-2.

Even when they score, like today, there are still many opportunities squandered. 2nd and 3rd 2 outs, Corey sure didn't going to change the trend. 2 on 2 out again in the 6th and Bako is the boogeyman. The homers are nice but a two out hit with RISP would make me feel tons better. Of course if they can hit 7 homers every night our chances are good.

Joey is NOT going to be Morris or Casey or Hatteberg. Looks like we finally have a first baseman who does more than hit singles and doubles. Please Walt, don't trade this guy. 9th inning and I'm screaming home run home run. Doesn't happen but GREAT GAME JOEY!!!!

First Corey Patterson was the great CFer of the future, now Felix Pie. Chicago has its problems, too. But then, Pie bats 8th, where he belongs. Maybe once the Cubs give up on Pie, Dusty will take him, make him a leadoff hitter and expect him to be all that he always knew he could be. Speaking of Corey leading off: 1 for 5. At least his average didn't drop.

Ryan Freel in for BP in the 7th. I was sure glad to see that. You want to keep Ryan hot when BP can only go 2 for 4 with a homer. Plus you need to improve that 2B defense for the late innings. The Cubs answer by replacing Geovany Soto with Henry Blanco. I know its 9-0 but I want to keep the RZ tradition of grousing about something alive and well.

Hatte remains hapless as a PH. That has to be one of Walt's first projects -find a home for Hatteberg.

Cordero must be earning the easiest money in baseball. Millions and millions to sit and watch. The closer with nothing to close. Weathers and Affeldt are about he last two I'd want for shutout preservation but hey, it worked.

Today was like the Super V Show, V-Day, 2 Vs for Victory...

Just think if baseball was like football Volquez could pitch every game.