View Full Version : "We've just come to a point where we're not going to lose anymore."

05-23-2008, 12:37 AM
These were the words of Mr. Castellini after firing GM Wayne Krivsky. Well, we're still losing Mr. Castellini, and anyone with a brain can see that though this team is really bad, they're substantially better than the manager allows them to be.

Dusty Baker not only gives Corey Patterson at-bats, he puts him in a postition in the lineup to get extra at-bats.

Got a light hitting young SS? Bat him second, because everyone knows the CFer leads off and the SS bats second.

Have an old Griffey? He's got to hit third. He's Griffey.

Adam Dunn? Seventh if he's only striking out and clogging the bases.

And while we're at it, lets start Paul Bako, PAUL BAKO, at catcher against LHP.

Have the worst RFer in baseball? Double-switch out an average LFer and leave the RFer in during close games. Oh, by the way, that LFer is the best hitter on the team and the guy coming off the bench is a guaranteed out.

Have a stud CF prospect? Make up some garbage about chronic leg injuries so you can justify keeping him in the minor leagues until there is a corner OF spot available.

Have young stud pitchers? Leave them in for 118 pitches in a 9-0 game.

Have a power hitter at the plate and the game on the line? BUNT!

We're paying him $10.5 million for this! If any one of us made mistakes like these at our jobs, we'd be fired.

And so should he.

Walt Jocketty said that "Dusty and I won't stand for losing." Well, Dusty is not only standing for it, he's doing his part to make it more likely every game. Walt should go to Mr. Castellini in an effort to not make a liar out of himself and get this clown canned immediately. Pretty much any available manager would be better than this guy.

The time has already come. Twenty percent of the way through his contract, its time to cut your losses, Mr. Castellini. You fired Wayne Krivsky in a move that I didn't agree with at the time. In retrospect, this team really does stink, and you made the right move. You fired him because the team wasn't winning, and the fact that he had the overall organization in better shape than when he took over did not matter. Dusty Baker cannot claim the same accomplishment. He has not given this team the best chance to win day in and day out, and we are now in worse shape manager-wise than we were with Jerry Narron, Dave Miley, and *GULP* Bob Boone. He's not winning, and no matter how well Jocketty constructs the roster, the team will have a lesser chance of winning because of his mismanagement.

Dusty was a bad hire, Mr. Castellini. You don't even have to admit that you made a mistake. Just fire him, and move on to pretty much anyone else. If you want another big name manager, you can definitely find one better than Dusty Baker. If you have truly the desire to bring winning baseball back to Cincinnati, its a move you must make.

Homer Bailey
05-23-2008, 01:09 AM
Part of be thinks that BC really doesn't know baseball. He hires Baker because, lets face it, he was the biggest name out there. What else could make you want Baker as manager. He fires WK... for what reason? I really just think he doesn't know what he's doing.

05-23-2008, 01:52 AM
Gee, let me find the thread I started a few weeks ago ripping Castellini, while 90% of you defended him. Hmmm.

Homer Bailey
05-23-2008, 01:54 AM
Gee, let me find the thread I started a few weeks ago ripping Castellini, while 90% of you defended him. Hmmm.

(bows down)

05-23-2008, 02:09 AM
Gee, let me find the thread I started a few weeks ago ripping Castellini, while 90% of you defended him. Hmmm.

I'm not ripping Castellini here. I think the time since Krivsky was fired has shown that it was the right move. But, it can't be the only move. He's shown that he'll eat some contracts. He needs to eat this one give his team a manager that has more than an infant's understanding of how the game of baseball works. Castellini had to front some money for some of the good things Wayne did in international scouting and signing Cordero. He wants this to be a well ran organization, they just picked a really awful manager. We need a fan revolt to push the issue.

05-23-2008, 03:56 AM
I think the Fire was a bad move. Castilinni was just too impatient and didn't understand that winning isn't going to just happen because the GM was fired. Sure, some contracts weren't great, but absolutely zero were crippling to the team. There were no Milton contracts, no Morris, no Russ Ortiz, etc. The worst one was a 3M sunk cost. That's great in baseball.

I'd say the biggest thing is that...(which I think no one has brought up)
If the Reds were series about winning THIS year, then Bruce would have been up from the start, or at the very least within a few weeks after Patterson struggled. However, the moment BOB claimed he would not stand for losing, Bruce stays in the minors. Bruce is going to stay down there until they get that extra year.

If Bruce gets called up the moment after super 2 status, BOB, and the entire organization, since it starts at the top, are a bunch of liers who don't really care about winning. It's as simple as that, because only an idiot would think Patterson wins more games than Bruce

.220 / .262 / .386 / .648
.368 / .399 / .655 / 1.054

That's all anyone has to see.

05-23-2008, 08:21 AM
Next homestand fans need to take a stand. All 250 fans in attendance need to chant JAY BRUCE, JAY BRUCE, JAY BRUCE!!!!! That'll get 'em. :D