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Scrap Irony
05-25-2008, 09:14 PM
Jose, Can you See?

Nobody asked me, but the last Cincinnati pitcher to roll like Edinson was Jose Rijo. Their pitching styles are similar, too. Wonder if Volquez enjoys the odd Cuban and snake oil?

The mention of Jack Armstrong pre-All Star start in 90 should be completely ignored. Or at least Atlee Hammaker says it should.
The Dusty Diatribe
Would the Old Red Guard bet on Pete and his penchant for self-promotion at the expense of players such as Nick Esasky? Would Pinella's locker room brawls with his best players cause Redszone to boo his every move on the field? Would Sparky spark more posts than his players, especially considering the inequality with which he treated players?

I wonder if any Red manager would be safe from the second-guessing that comes with anonymity, a clever mind (relatively speaking), and an internet connection?

Probably not.
This just in from Walt Jockerty:

"The reason we continue to keep Jay Bruce in Louisville is because he needs to work on his autographing technique. We're looking for players that have the basic signing down before coming up and Bruce is just a bit too slow in signing what is, in essence, an eight-letter name. Once he cuts his signature and hand-back time down to three or four second per autograph, we might be able to work something out.

"By the way, Corey Patterson can write his name in just under two seconds. So, for anyone that wants a Corey Patterson autographed item, just ask.


While you were busy reading this, Corey Patterson struck out twice, made a nice running grrab in center field, and 18 threads in Redszone were started about his mother, his inability to feed the hungry of Africa, and his sub-Castro OPS.

In that order.
Maloney, No Baloney
The most recent candidate for the fifth starter spot is Louisville's erstwhile ace, Matt Maloney. His numbers look like crap, but he was largely unlucky in April (a 400+ BABIP) and has recently begun dominating AAA hitters with his nasty curve and decent fastball.

He's a lefty and that's needed in this rotation. But, OTOH, he's not likely to go deep into games either. He's young and needs to learn on the job, but is probably just as capable as Fogg or Belisle of producing a 5.00 ERA.
Minor Matters
While Jay Bruce is having a great, great season, other minor leaguers are also shining. And it seems Jocketty's noticed. He's begun moving pitchers around, with Thompson moving to AAA and Wood and others to AA.

But the largest boon to the big club, IMO, has been from the minor leagues. Both Votto and Cueto have been solid while learning on the job. So, too, Janish, who was a suprise help for a position two deep at the beginning of Spring Training.

Who else could help? Glad you asked:
-- The aforementioned Maloney is a better fifth starter option than either on the parent club
-- Thompson would seem to be next in line after Maloney
-- Andy Green has played well in AAA Louisville and could help at the keystone position, should Baker suddenly realize Phillips would make an ideal SS.
-- And that Jay Bruce kid ain't so bad, neither.

05-26-2008, 12:17 AM
Jay Bruce will stay in Louisville until he gets a last name.

How can you call somebody up who doesn't have a last name?

Unless it's Cher.

Maybe the Reds want to call him up but they think he's two guys. And they don't have the roster spots.

His counting stats suggest he's two guys.

The scouts should tell the front office that Jay is the one they want; Bruce is like his Farney.

Or maybe Jay can play centerfield and Bruce can play right.

Why? Because. Naturally.

It's the only explanation I can think of.