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05-27-2008, 04:34 PM

Its a 3 part interview with parts 1 and 2 onlie already. In part 1 he goes into the way the Haren trade came about, approaches on making a deal. Both parts are interesting, candid reads. For part 2- http://www.athleticsnation.com/

05-27-2008, 05:32 PM
I love the comment about the reaction at the A's fanfest. For those who didn't read it, here's a rough paraphrase of the exchange (which Beane also paraphrased):

Fan: Why did you trade away Swisher and Haren? That's basically giving up on the season.
Beane: How many games do you think we would've won with Swisher and Haren?
Fan: 75 to 80
Beane: And you're ok with that?

That's the sort of conversation that I think some owners/GM are terrified to have with their fans. They seem to think that we just wouldn't understand a short term sacrifice for a long term game -- that we don't want current mediocrity at the expense of future success.

I'll admit to being a Billy Beane fanboy. I'm jealous of A's fans.

05-27-2008, 11:13 PM
A lesson to be learned:

Again the flip side for us, given everything that we have to balance, is that we’re going to maintain that loyalty with the hardcore people by putting the best product we can on the field and having to err on the side of making good business decisions instead of making emotional decisions.

05-27-2008, 11:28 PM
Similar situation to Bruce and Bailey:

Blez: How close did you come at the beginning of the season to keeping both of the Gonzalezes (Gio and Carlos) with the big club coming out of camp?

Beane: They’re both so very young. They’re both only 22 years old. So we had pretty much made up our mind up that they would need some time down in the minors. And then when Carlos had the hamstring injury, it kind of impacted it in that it wasn’t as though we couldn’t have had that conversation in the spring. We would’ve liked to have taken Carlos to Japan for the exhibition games but it would’ve taken quite a bit for us to break camp with them. They’re still both very, very young even for the level they’re at now, which is Triple-A.

Blez: Did the number of years you could have them under contract control factor into the decision? I believe some media sources out there reported that some veterans on the team, and they were unnamed sources I believe, wanted Carlos to remain on the club.

Beane: That means they might not have been here then (laughs). But no, that’s not the case at all. Spring training is not a good judge. I think I hit .400 one year in the Cactus League which will tell you it doesn’t mean a whole lot. That happens every year. I remember one year the veterans wanted to keep Mark Mulder. He promptly went out and had like a 5.00 ERA in Triple-A that year. Just because you have a good spring training doesn’t mean you’re ready for the big leagues. I think in both of those kids (Carlos and Gio) they’re still both cutting their teeth at Triple-A. Carlos got off to a good start and then went through a little lull and now he’s back over .300. And Gio has had some great games, but he’s also had games in which he’s struggled. They still need some time.