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05-31-2008, 10:00 AM
I was just looking on the espn player page for EE, and he is batting .087 over his last 5 games... 2/23...

This is really frustrating for me. When this guy came up he was supposed ot be the next Aramis Ramirez or something, and while he has put together a couple nice seasons in 2006-2007, smacking 15 and 16 homers, with 72 and 76 RBI, and even batting .289 last year... This is not the kind of Production a Team counts on from a Premium Power Position. He still is on Pace for 24 Homers, but IMO, there has to be something done. Maybe he needs a change of scenery? We just got Jay Bruce up here and that is Great... But where is our David Wright Third Baseman Lurking?

Someone in another thread suggested when Keppinger gets back, the Reds should sit EE and play both Hariston and Keppinger. I understand why the notion is there to play both those guys, but IMO, Kepp and Hariston are both back ups or Super Subs if you will... Keppinger is a great guy to have on the Bench and get 280-300 AB's a year, but should not be considered a Starter at 3rd or SS by any means... IMO.

Edwin is an enigma... And the Reds fate may actually hinge on him turning the Corner...

05-31-2008, 10:02 AM
He's in a slump. All players have them.

05-31-2008, 10:35 AM
I've always been a big EE guy but even I'm getting discouraged now. He starts off the season and can't hit anything. Gets hot for a while and makes you remember how talented he is and now his BA is back in the low 200's. If he wants to have a long career he needs to be more consistent. The think that's really frustrating is when he gets in these slumps it's not like his hitting balls right at people, he's hitting infield pop-ups or weak fly balls. He's basically an automatic out every time up.

On the plus side he's playing a Gold Glove caliber 3B right now.

05-31-2008, 10:52 AM
He's in a slump. All players have them.

Yeah EE is always in one.

EE is consistent at one thing.

Going 2 months where he cant hit the broad side of a barn. Then going 2-3 weeks where he hits everything thrown at him.

And he continues that through the season.

05-31-2008, 09:32 PM
Been watching the ESPN site which shows pitch locations and which seems to be pretty accurate. Edwin's problem is clearly plate discipline. In today's game he swung at all but two strikes. Pitchers know he's a reckless swinger and just don't throw him strikes unless they're down and out. What's sad he's a good enough hitter that he usually gets a piece of the bad pitches and delivers a popout or a weak grounder. If he were a bad hitter he'd whiff at these bad pitches more often. You'd think Jacoby would pick up on this but even if he did the body language in the dugout indicates (at least to me) that nobody listens to him, including Edwin. The players don't even acknowledge him when he says something. I guess when you're making big bucks and trying to make more you become uninterested in what an elderly, experienced hand with relative pittance for income has to say. I'll bet it's not that way in Japan where age and experience is appreciated and respected. (I guess by now you've guessed I'm an old fart.) But I digress. Early in the season Edwin took a lot of walks by laying off the sucker pitches but then started to swing at everything, perhaps worried that he'd lose his job, or whatever. But by the way he's going now he's surely going to make it self-fulfilling. Furthermore, he's got to stop this sulking and dragging the bat when he disagrees with the umpire's call. He does it nearly every game and these guys talk to eachother. So not only does he get disadvantaged for the current game but the new umpiring crew is on the lookout for his unprofessional behavior.

05-31-2008, 10:45 PM
Keppinger is a starter. And, at this point, yeah, I'd rather see Hairston the Encarnacion. I'd like to purge this team of its all-or-nothing hacking mentality and Encarnacion is the poster boy for that movement.