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06-06-2008, 01:26 PM
Here is the monthly Dusty Baker Redszone Confidence Poll. The Walt Jocketty's Front Office Poll, arrives a few days after the draft.

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06-06-2008, 01:39 PM
I'll answer this at the end of the season. Right now there are both positives and negatives. I like the way he's handled the pitching staff except for that 18 inning game. But I loathe it when he bats C.Shat in the higher part of the order.

06-06-2008, 01:40 PM
I'm still in the middle on him.

06-06-2008, 02:13 PM
For myself to be comfortable with Dusty Bakers management style Dusty will have to be more consistent with his reasoning and follow up actions, the combination of his words/actions need to have support for each other in a correlating manner.

Dusty Baker will have to do what the statistics call for in the individual players to increase the probability of a batter getting on base and another to drive them in, he will have to win more one or two run games.

If he is speaking on defense and the need for good defense at various positions, then Baker be consistent, not selective.

Example: Centerfield needs good defense because it is a key defensive position, fine, then Patterson might be your man. Baker you say that you need speed and a good centerfielder, fine

Then it follows that shortstop needs good defense because it too is a key defensive position use the better ss on hand then in Janish over a Hairston.

Right field, since defense is important to Mr. Baker, then the right field defensive situation cannot be ignored, Hairston or Bruce is the better option left standing on the current team to play for defensive reason in RF

If he is speaking about a given pitcher just not having any runs scored for him, or a need for more key hits at opportune situations along with runs being scored.

Dusty Baker needs to have his lineup construction match the performance and production numbers of players that actually show a higher probability of getting on base and a higher probability of actually slugging in those players.

No more low on base percentage players batting at the top getting the most AB. Just because they play SS or CF

No more batting Griffey Jr third when there are better statistical options for that slot.

No more batting Dunn or Votto down in the order while Phillips bats cleanup against right handed pitchers, or Patterson bats 1 or 2 in the lineup and then be in denial about the results that they are achieving and continue to repeat the erroneous managerial errors.

No more saying Dusty that you read the back of baseball cards, implying that you take seriously what the players statistical histories are.

No more weakening the potential to score runs by batting the higher on base percentage players down in the order, and splitting left handed bats that do hit left handed pitching or that have a higher on base percentage against them for fear of what might happen later in the game weakening what could happen earlier in the game if Baker had not split up Dunn, Bruce, Votto.

Baker if you want speed in the lineup, then take advantage of Phillips speed, Votto and Bruce’s ability to run. Phillips as sure as we breath, can get on base more times than Patterson, and Phillips 30 stolen bases on the back of his baseball card indicates that he can steal a base.

You have Griffey, Bruce, Votto, Dunn and Encarncion to be your big boppers and sluggers, you don't need Phillips to be your slugger in the four slot.

Baker there are things that you cannot do, TAKE CARE of the things that you can do something about NOW.
Increase the possibility of winning one or two run games