View Full Version : Question RE: runs simulations

06-12-2008, 10:31 AM
I'm just curious if anyone has run the correlation tests or seen them to know which correlates best to runs scored - Runs Created (the latest 2002 version by Bill James), Equivalent Runs (by Clay Davenport) or Base Runs (linear model by David Smyth).

Anyone know which one most closely correlates to Runs? I know all three are very high (at least 94, 95 percent correlation), but I'm curious which one is the highest.

I just did some correlation tests for the NL and AL stats dating back to 1993, but I only included Runs Created, OPS, Gross Production Average, weighted OBA, etc. I didn't input the EqR or Base Runs numbers (though I know the formulas so I could have, I simply decided I was lazy and didn't want to program them).

Anyhow, I appreciate the responses in advance.