View Full Version : 3000 Miles to the Trials: Olympic Track & Field Trials

06-14-2008, 11:46 PM
My cousin's son sent an email to our family list today about a comedic track & field series he and a friend have created and will be producing. Both are grads of St. Xavier, where they both ran Cross Country and then both went on to run in college as well.

The initial intro video looks a bit fun - I'm anxious to see more.

Over the past few months, my roommate Ben and I have been in the process of pitching a web-based video series, and I'm pleased to announce that yesterday, we finally finalized contract details with a website who will be giving us money to make the series a reality.

So, at the website ToTheTrials.com we will be creating a sort of web-tv-show called "3000 Miles to the Trials." The videos will document the journey Ben and I undertake as we drive cross-country to attend the Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon (which begin June 27th). We are aiming for a "mockumentary" feel that we hope will be pretty funny, in the vein of shows like "The Office" or movies like "Best In Show." You can see a trailer at ToTheTrials.com to get a sense of the kind of thing we try to do.

We are ALWAYS open to comments and criticism, and, hopefully, if you know of anyone who is a runner or a fan of competitive running, maybe you could even mention the website to them!