View Full Version : Mustangs rockin'

06-26-2008, 11:32 AM
I know Billings is in a hitter's league but this is a ridiculous start for the Mustangs' bats:

Neftali Soto SS 1.628 OPS 6 games 4 HRs 3 errors
Tyler Stovall OF 1.077 OPS 5 games
Alex Buchholz SS 1.071 OPS 5 games
David Sappelt OF 1.062 OPS 4 games
Tony Brown OF 1.042 OPS 8 games 3 HRs
Byron Wiley LF 1.000 OPS 1 game
Carlos Mendez 3B .973 OPS 6 games 1 HR
M Konstanty 1B .856 OPS 4 games 1 HR
Jordan Wideman C .831 OPS 7 games

Soto has been on fire, his OPS vs. lefties is 2.527 but "just" 1.095 vs. RH, he's fanned 5 times with 2 walks in 27 ABs

Remember, these guys are living in motels and traveling constantly as their new home, Dehler Park isn't finished and they won't play at home until July 1st. As the season wears on these numbers will normalize, of course (only 8 games played so far) but it's nice to see so many guys get off to good starts. Soto is just dominating this league so far.

Blitz Dorsey
06-26-2008, 12:23 PM
Once Soto gets his OPS up to 1.800 and proves he can stay healthy I will be impressed ;-)