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David Cubbedge
07-06-2008, 01:42 AM
This is a reference on which reporter broke the story on breaking news for Reds fans since 2005.

What I have since:

Bowden/Boone firings
Germano for Cormier trade
Cantu signing
Cordero rumor, then signing
Affeldt signing

700 WLW;
Miley/Gullet firings
Milton signing

ESPN News (on TV);
Randa to Padres trade

John Fay;
Castellini buys Reds
John Allen steps down
Fogg rumors
Patterson and Hairston signings

Redszone Insiders;
O'Brien firing (Big Donkey)
Guardado for Chick trade (BrooklynRedz)
Lohse for Ward trade (Willie 0023)
Pena for Arroyo trade (BrooklynRedz)
Salmon to Royals trade (StrikeIndicator)

Marc Lancaster;
Kullman firing
LaRue to Royals trade
Hamilton signing
Conine signing

ESPN.com (associated press);
Krivsky hiring
Stanton signing

1530 Homer;
Kearns and Lopez trade
Jocketty hiring

Dick Pole hiring

Hal McCoy;
Almarez resigns
Phillips' extension
Fogg signing

C Trent Rosecrans;
Harang extension
Narron firing
Dunn's option picked up

Lohse for Maloney trade

Hamilton for Volquez trade

NY Times;
Conine to Mets trade

Paul Daugherty;
Krivsky firing

So really we should be paying attention to Rosenthal and C Trent more than anyone else. Also, there are some message board insiders that have a leg up just as often. I haven't found who broke the Dusty Baker hiring, but it is clear which reporters get the scoop more often than not. These are the guys I will be paying attention to this deadline season.

07-06-2008, 01:51 AM
Great post! It's odd to see that so spread out though. I always just assumed that it would be Fay or Rosecrans with the breaking news.