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07-08-2008, 12:18 PM
Sure, there's still seven games left before the break, so these numbers could change a little, but here is a small comparison of last year's numbers at this time compared with the 2007 version of the Cincinnati Reds.


Record: 36-52
Team Batting
.254 AVG, .437 SLG, .761 OPS
K/BB: 640/289
134 2B, 15 3B, 128 HR

Team Leaders (Individual):
Dunn 24 HR, 58 RBI
Hatteberg .318 AVG
Griffey Jr. .958 OPS, 59 RBI, 23 HRs
4.77 ERA, 5 CG, 3 SHO, 562 K/265 BB, 86 HR

Harang 9-2, 3.67 ERA, 112 K/35 BB
Arroyo 3-9, 4.84 ERA, 75 K/38 BB
Belisle 5-6, 5.28 ERA, 67 K/ 22 BB
Lohse 5-10, 4.47 ERA, 70 K/ 29 BB

.248 AVG, .401 SLG, .726 OPS
K/BB: 616/337
152 2B, 11 3B, 97 HR

Team Leaders (Individual):
Hairston .343 AVG
Dunn 22 HR, .901 OPS
Phillips 56 RBI

4.44 ERA, 0 CG, 5 SHO, 690 K/304 BB, 112 HR

Harang 3-10 4.47 ERA, 102 K/27 BB
Arroyo 6-7 5.82 ERA, 91 K/38 BB
Volquez 11-3 2.36 ERA, 116 K/ 54 BB
Cueto 7-8 4.63 ERA, 91 K/ 38 BB

The first and most obvious change in the team is the addition of Volquez and Cueto, two solid young starters that took the place of the inconsistent Lohse and the revolving door that was our fourth and fifth starting spots. The addition of these two power arms has our strike outs way up. Our fifth rotation spot has been a similar problem as it was last year.

My next question:

What happened to Ken Griffey Junior?

At the break last year Griffey was at .286 AVG, .568 SLG, .958 OPS with 23 HR and 59 RBI.
This year he is at .240 AVG, .402 SLG, .751 OPS with 11 HR and 38 RBI.

Our team batting is slightly down at this point, but the number of walks are up. Has our team's improved patience at the plate caused the drop in power numbers (i.e. HR, OPS)?

If the Reds could just get the bats going a bit more than they are now, maybe even to last year's level, it could be an interesting second half. The improved pitching staff is there. It's now time for the bats to step up.

07-08-2008, 06:08 PM
Griffey fell off 2nd half of last year, I think he only hit 7 home runs or something. How about he reverses the trend this year and puts up about 20 in the 2nd half and about 50rbi.