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07-18-2008, 07:38 AM
A place to look for fast risers is draftees who go straight to Billings. Since its a hitters park, I generally take hitting stats there with a grain of salt, but pitching well at Billings gets my attention. The guy who has caught my eye with his performance is Lance Janke. Since I don't really follow the kids until they are drafted, I know little about him.

What's the scoop on this kid? What's he throw? How does he project? How is his velocity, movement and command? Is he a kid that seems like a guy who could handle the load or will he need to move to the pen? Does he have an injury history?

As always, any info from the folks on the best board around (the Minor League Forum that is) would be appreciated.

07-18-2008, 10:21 AM
Don't know Lance Janke, but if I may deviate for a moment to follow up on the characterization of the "best board around" . . . I'd like to second that. I've been following Redszone for a year or two, and this is my first post (actually, I tried once or twice before, but, whatever). While I admire the dedication, intelligence and statistical analysis of those on the ORG and Sun Deck, the haughtiness and haranguing can be exhausting. I can't even open up a Dusty Baker thread anymore. Or a Corey Patterson. But this board offers fresh material and informative commentary without the boorish atmosphere of the others (which I still consult, of course). I find myself turning to it several times a day, and have developed a keen (and previously latent) interest in the farm system. Thanks to those who keep us delightfully informed.