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Red in Atl
07-18-2008, 01:00 PM
As I've sat and listened to all the "discussions" about how to fix the problems of the ASG, (problems being; what to do if it's a tie, goes to long in extra innings, too many starters no middle relief, should everyone play, etc.) my head continues the shake in disbelief.

The solution is so simple. Build the teams the same way you would build a team for the season and then play the game like it was a regular game. End of story.

That means the starters play the whole game. If they are the best, then show it. And don't take them out unless it would make sense in say, a playoff game. Normal baseball stuff.

Build a pitching staff for one game. You can bring a couple starters to honor them, but let the starting pitcher pitch. Then you have to choose the one that is most rested, on his turn etc. Why bring a guy who can't pitch? Why are they using starters as middle relievers? That's not what they do. Volquez is the perfect example. He needs to know he's pitching, set the tone and execute. He doesn't do that well coming in relief.

So you need middle relievers. Choose the best. Anticipate extra innings, big innings, etc. And have a couple closers to finish the game. Whether it's in nine innings or fifteen.

If the game is so important now (of course they still treat it like an exhibition), then act like it. Why play one important game of the year with the best players in the league and treat it like a damn exhibition? Either it's one or the other.

Then these guys might actually make it interesting. They may play their asses off and do incredible things.

The whole idea that everyone has to play is completely assinine as well. To paraphrase Carlin, "Lets give them all a trophy for participation, so everyone wins!" Oh yeah they already do in the form of a ring. And they get to sit around the evening before watching and playing the HRD, and celebrity softball. Believe me, these guys get plenty by just being invited. If they don't get to play, it's because the game didn't dictate that they play, just like real life.

If the game matters (so says the league), then treat it like a real game, build accordingly and play accordingly. The league that does this, will be the next dominant force.

07-18-2008, 02:13 PM
The only way to fix it is to get rid of the homefield advantage for the winning division. The All Star game is a exhibition and in no way should determine who gets homefield advantage. Let the better record of the teams decide that, not a team comprised of players whom most of which won't even reach October. Selig and others complain that, if not for this, the game loses its luster. Well, in reality, the ASG lost its luster with free agency, interleague, and technological advances that let anybody watch and catch anything they want to know about any individual player or team. The ASG is over-the-hill and there's nothing to bring it back.

07-18-2008, 10:50 PM
agreed with Ox. Don't play it like a regular game. What makes the ASG so special is its a showcase of the leagues best players.. if we only see 3 NL pitchers then , as a fan, I am going to be pissed especially if I don't see my hometown guy (which we wouldn't have). Get rid of the home field advantage. I never liked that idea its trying to make the ASG something that it is not - a meaningful game. Its a fun night to see players from all over the league. Give home field to the better record (it used to alternate before the ASG solution btw) and set a inning limit on the game. Who cares if it ends in a tie? I dont. The days of the ASG standing for bragging rights for one league over another are long gone.